7 Myths About Moving To Maui

By Jason Moffatt | Travel

Sep 13
moving to maui

Before moving to Maui I have had dozens if not hundreds of people express concerns about the move. The objections were almost always the same, and not necessarily true. Let me debunk them for you.

1. It’s Too Expensive To Live In Hawaii

Yes, it is expensive to live here, but expensive is relative. Truth be told, it’s actually about $1000 to $2000 a month cheaper than what I’m used to paying in La Jolla and San Diego. We have an incredible furnished 3 bedroom home on 2 acres with a secure fenced yard and wonderful neighbors. We couldn’t have asked for a better living situation.

2. Food Costs So Much

Yes, if you eat bread, milk, Oreos and shop at Safeway like most people do. We do none of those things. In fact, we’ve found food to actually be cheaper than what we were paying on the mainland. Keep in mind, we only buy fresh, organic, non-GMO and local food when we can. Thankfully Mana Foods is maybe one of the best grocery stores in the world!

3. Traffic Is So Bad

Ummm, have you ever lived in Los Angeles and tried to drive from West Hollywood to Santa Monica at 5:30 PM? Heck, have you ever tried to drive anywhere in L.A. at any time? I’ve been in traffic pileups at 3:30 am there.

I reckon there are times when tourists crowd the highway in high tourist season, but it’s nothing like a major metropolis. I’m pretty sure living in Honolulu is another story. That does not look appealing. We didn’t move to Hawaii to see skyscrapers and bumper stickers.

4. It’s So Hot & Humid

It has been hot and humid since we’ve been here. We were excited when even the locals were complaining about the heat. However, Hawaii is unique in that you can just drive a few minutes to get a different climate if you want. If you want cooler weather, just drive up country where it drops about 3 degrees per every 1000 feet. If you want rain forest, just drive a few miles. Want desert? That’s a hop, skip and a jump too.

5. Too Many Sharks

Yes, Tiger Sharks are a concern. However, I don’t view them as vicious creatures wanting anything to do with you or I. I’m much more concerned with getting a staph infection by getting scraped up by coral and attacked again by Portuguese Manowar. I’m not in a hurry to pee all over my chest again in front of a bunch of Grand Wailea visitors.

6. You’ll Get Island Fever!

Yes, Hawaii is the most remote island chain in the world. Take a peek at it on Google Maps and you’ll see we are all alone here in the Pacific Ocean. There’s nothing for thousands of miles in either direction. However, every time someone tells me they got island fever I’ll ask them… “Did you swim in Waioka Pond? Did you snorkel at Molokini? Have you seen a sunrise at Haleakala?” The answer is usually “No, we stayed in Kihei at the condo most of the time”. Yeah, I can see why that would get a bit boring.

7. Locals Don’t Like Haole’s

The truth is, I never met a more welcoming and hospitable group of people than Hawaiian locals. Yes, there is a bit of animosity between some locals and foreigners, but if you understand the history it’s a bit easier to understand why this exists.

In order to be accepted and blend in it’s essential to embrace the Aloha Spirit. Living with Aloha means meshing the mind and heart to bring each person to self. You must possess good vibes and emit an energy that is all inclusive to others and isn’t one of greed or selfishness. Do this and you’ll meet some of the most loving and sympathetic group of people anywhere in the world.


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