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17 January 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a True American Hero

I have to admit that this is actually a pretty sad day. The fact that we celebrate
Martin Luther King’s accomplishments is tremendous. However, the fact that we
even have to celebrate his achievements is what is really sad.

Many of us like to think that racism is a thing of the past. This is far from the truth.
Martin Luther King’s era was not but a few years ago. Many of you are old enough
to remember the 1960’s. 40 years have passed and sadly racism is still everywhere.

We live in a society that is totally ass backwards when it comes to race relations.

I was on a “Private Investigation” job a few months ago and while parked along
a side street in a rural neighborhood I saw “swasikas” carved into the
tree. The tree sat along a “school bus stop” and it was apparent that some 8th grade
kid had carved this into the tree.

But the problem is, it wasn’t just a young lad that carved that swasika. It was some
sad misinformed fool who taught him this behavior. Kids don’t go around spreading
hate. They are too concerned about BMX bikes, baseball, and softball. It’s terribly
sad to see the amount of racism that still exists in our country…..and heck, I live
in Oregon. I can’t even imagine what Mississippi is like.

What impresses me the most about Dr. Martin Luther King was his ability to
protest these inhumane conditions without lifting an aggressive fist to those
whom inflicted this injustice. His connection with the Lord and his devotion
to “all” people provided him a channel to spread a message that will resonate
for decades. I only pray that I can be more like the Doc.

Hopefully, one day we can look beyond color, race, creed, sexual orientation,
etc. etc. etc. and just realize that deep down we all bleed the same color.
Maybe one day the doctor’s dream will come true, but I’m sad to say, we’ve
got a lot of work to do.

Wow, even George Bush Says King’s ‘Dream’ Not Yet Completed. Now that’s a start.

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12 January 2006 ~ 2 Comments

The Underachiever iPack is Finally Here….

It’s on like Crouton’s on your salad bar……..

Folks, it here.

Frank Kern and Ed Dale’s have unleashed a monster, and John Reese unloads too.

You gotta check this out. The Underachiever iPack has a mind boggling 30 + hours of content
that leaves NO STONE UNTURNED. I’m talking about

144 Video Segments alone in the iConference DVD’s.

Simply put, this iPack is a Mammoth of a marketing product. If you want to know every single step needed to

1. Brainstorm
2. Research
3. Create A Product
4. Market that product
5. and Sell that product……….

then you owe it to yourself to check out the newest Underachiever installment the “iPack”.

Click here to check out some Real Videos from Real Undies……

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02 January 2006 ~ 1 Comment

Chris Moon, A Inspiration Story To Start the New Year.

Like many others, I’ve sat around and pondered some New Year’s resolutions. I’ve actaully come up with a million. However the ones I’m going to tackle for sure are some finicial goals, and running a 6 minute mile. Both should be fairly simple.

The 6 minute mile should be a cakewalk. I really need to get my ass out of this computer chair more often. After reading this story about Chris Moon, I realized how pathetic I’ve been acting.

Who’s Chris Moon? He’s a modern day Superman.

Chris has an amazing story to tell. While clearing mines in Mozamique in 1995, Chris experienced disaster. Sadly a mine exploded and took his lower right leg, and lower right arm. Despite losing massive amounts of blood, Chris was able to survive. But this is nothing compared to what he did next.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself and blaming others for the mines, he put the entire thing on his own shoulders. He knew it was his fault that he lost his limbs. He knew the danger that existed in his type of work.
It was useless for him to bitch and moan about his problems. Heck, he was alive. For most that would be enough.

But not for Chris. This dude charged on with life. Less than a year after leaving the hospital he ran in the London Marathon and raised money for charities that assisted disabled people. The dude has ran more then a dozen marathons since and most impressively he has ran in the ruthless Marathon des Sables. If your not familiar with that race, it’s a 6 day, 151 mile race across the Sahara desert.

Simply put, Chris Moon did not wuss out. He charged ahead with his life and made the most of it regardless of his limitations. I’m highly inspired by this guy’s courageousness and refusal to say no. He’s my inspiration for the year.

Check out more about Chris Moon here.

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29 December 2005 ~ 1 Comment

Everything Works Like Magic in Hawaii

So I’ve decided to move back to Hawaii. I’m not exactly sure when, but the
sooner the better. I used to live on Maui, and it was some of the best times
in my life. I can’t wait to go back.

Everything on the island seemed to work like magic. Even when things went
wrong, it was hard to get upset about them. You just put things into perspective
and instantly realized you were in paradise. Somehow, no matter how bad anything
seemed, it always worked out okay.

I came across a weird cartoon today that describes exactly what I’m talking about.

Check out this Hawaiin Luau Cartoon by clicking here…

Boy, I love how cool flash cartoons can be.

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28 December 2005 ~ 1 Comment

If you use Google Ad Words, You Have To Check Out This Video.

Hello friends,

If you use Google Ad Words for advertising, you really need to check out this video
for Adwords Dominator.

Chris Lee has put together a software package that consolidates all the activities that
take place in a Google Ad Words account, and has made it much easier and accessible.
Google should of done this eons ago.

Just check out the video right here yourself.

One of the biggest factors we weigh when making money online is “TIME”. Saving time
is saving money. If your like alot of internet marketers, you probably spend quite a bit
of time in the Google Adwords Control Panel.

So, why not cut that time down drastically by implementing the new Adwords Dominator?
Feel free to check out the video yourself and see if you think this will save you some time.

Click here for the Adwords Dominator Video.

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27 December 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Hope you had a Rocking Holiday

Hi friends,

I hope you holiday season was filled with all types of joy. Mine was great and
I couldn’t of asked for better. In fact, the entire year has been one of the biggest
blessings of my life.

So, I told most of you that the Underachiever iPack is going to be coming out today.
Well, you didn’t really expect a Undie project to launch without a gliche or two did you?
Of course not.

However, it makes perfect sense. With the holiday season and the new year approaching
it’s mayhem all over offices around the world. Because of the massive amounts of
people waiting to get their hands on the iPack, I know that Frank and Ed want this
launch to go as smoothly as possible.

Therefore, a few loose ends are being tied up and the launch will be coming sometime
soon after the first of the year. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

So, kick back, eat some leftovers and get ready for the New Years Bash. Take care.

Jason Moffatt

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23 December 2005 ~ 3 Comments

Why Being on “Team Undies” Rules….

Yo Baby,

One of the greatest things about being a Underachiever has to be the comradory of our group. We laugh, learn, and profit as one entire group. The motivation that stems from having such a rad support group is almost undescribable.

I have yet to see a online marketing communtity that is as tight as the Undies. Heck, if we were able to pull Frank Kern out of his shell and get him to start posting on the forum, you know something must be going well. It’s hard to get that dude to wipe his own ass, let alone have him participate in a chat discussion with a bozo like me.

Seriously though, there is no group online that I know of that comes close to matching the generosity, helpfulness, and overall kind spirit that you find at the 30 Day Challenge Forum. We are more then just a team.
Many of us consider ourselves part of a big family. And the crazy thing is, we never even really fight about anything. I’m not kidding, there is seldom even the slightest iota of argueing or disagreement.

Now of course I think debating and altering opinions are great, but our group goes about this in a very gentle way. Instead of us debating back and forth, we all come together as a big group and throw in our suggestions. The final product ends up being a conglomeration of ideas that people are freely able to choose to implement, or leave it be. You can’t underestimate the power of a bunch of people’s ideas. It’s a real gem.

So, why am I writing this?

I’m writing this to let you know that you can become part of this awesome group to. You can get advice from all kinds of folks who are probably in a position very similar to yourself. So let’s say you decide to get the new iPack that comes out on Dec. 26th. If you do, you can count on having the best support group imaginable.

You will be able to ask questions, throw around ideas, and just generally learn from a community that is really putting this stuff into action, not just talking about it. And that’s the beauty right there. Real people like you and I are actually doing this stuff everyday.

Well, I got’s some work to do so I better be running.

Hope to see you on the forum soon….

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22 December 2005 ~ 6 Comments

This Underachiever Stuff Just Get’s Easier and Easier

Hi friends,

It’s really true. This Underachiever stuff does get easier and easier everyday. I have to
admit that I was a bit lost during the 30 day challenge, but kept on going refusing to give
up. To many it seemed like I was some seasoned pro. Many others know the real truth.

And that truth is, I was totally lost. Heck, even today I’m still lost with some things. But the
beautiful thing is, it keeps getting easier. Each and every hour I continue to learn and correct
the mistakes that I’m making. I promise that you would laugh your ass off if you seen some
of my Underachieving blunders. I’m suprised my customers put up with it. But, I just keep trying to overdeliver, even if it does go to the wrong address.

Having this Underachiever iPack has really helped me. Each day that I watch it, I pick up
something new that helps my business. It might take me 3 times to watch it before it smacks
me in the face, but when it does, I quickly try to implement it.

So basically what I’m trying to say is, if I can make some money with my amateur marketing techniques, then so call anyone else. Geez, I’m screwing up right and left, and this stuff is still working out for me. Just imagine what it’s gonna be like when I get everything right.

So far today I’ve made $381 in random sales online. Okay, I know it’s not alot, but for some people this is a phenomenal income. I’m shooting for at least $500 on the day. Now if i can just do that every day, (which I know I can) then I’ll start aiming for $1000 a day.

The more I keep studying this Undie Style, the more it becomes obvious to me that this is definitely the route to take online. I dearly hope that anybody who is struggling to make some bucks online takes a peek into the iPack.

Quit spending endless amounts of money for every product under the sun. Learn the “FUNDAMENTALS” of Underachieving, and you’ll have so much leverage it’s silly.

Where can you learn these fundamentals? Simple…

Go sign up, and get ready for the big launch coming in just days….


Jason “Profit” Moffatt

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20 December 2005 ~ 5 Comments

7 Days Until Frank Kern & Ed Dale Release the Underachiever iPack.

Hi friends,

The hype is really starting to build. I’m getting emails right and
left about the new Underachiever iPack. Everyone wants to know when
it’s coming out. Well, the day has been announced. The iPack is
going to launch Dec. 26th, the day after Xmas.

I’ve been extremely lucky to already have the 3 DVD set in my
possession for the last month. I’ve been watching it over and over
again. It’s really that good.

Catch a sneek peek yourself by clicking here…….

With over 60 hours of material with Traffic Secrets Master, John Reese,
the iConference half of the course is insane.

The iPack is broken up into 2 seperate sections, (The iConference & The iWorkshop).

The iConference is some mind blowing video filmed during a seminar
in Melbourne Australia with Frank Kern, Ed Dale, John Reese, and
Bret McFall
. Being able to own these DVD’s is way better then actually
going to the conference itself.

Why would I say that?

Because you can rewind any time you like. It’s amazing to be able to
go over the crucial points over and over, hammering it into your brain.
These guys cover all the steps from point A, to point B, and then all
the way to point Z. You get to learn everything you would ever want to
know about finding a niche, testing that niche, and then creating a product
for that niche.

To be honest, there is just too much to say about this iPack. I will be
blogging about it for the next 7 days, letting you have some insider peaks
into exactly what you can expect from these 2 characters known as
“The Underachievers”.

I’ve quickly realized there is no reason for me to go all around the
internet looking for the latest and greatest marketing course. Ed and
Frank have packaged it all up in the iPack. Every basic fundamental
is covered to helping you start a niche marketing business online, even
if your a total rookie.

Just look at me, it’s been 1 year and 4 days now that I’ve been marketing
online. And heck, you can’t even call the first 6 months marketing, it was
ghetto as hell. Luckily I still made some cash.

Then in July I found the 30 day Challenge. My life as a Underachiever began.
Today I can say that going through the Underachiever process has easily been
the most rewarding and educational event of my life. It has built a
foundation that will last a lifetime.

Most of you that read my blog know all about the Underachiever Crew. Some
of you may not. I’ve made some videos that give a sneak peek into the
Underachiever iPack. You can check them out by visiting my ipack review site at

Those videos will bring you up to pace about the iPack and the Underachiever
process. You also get to see Ed and Frank dressed up like “pretty boys”….

Til Tommorow, Take Care….

Jason “Profit” Moffatt

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15 December 2005 ~ 3 Comments

Can Canuck Copy Really Work?

So What’s The Deal With Canadians? (That’s my Seinfeld impression)

Why are these folks so damn nice? Don’t they ever go buck wild and get pissed off angry like 90% of Americans?

Maybe they do, but I’ve never seen it. The same is true of Australians. I’ve never met a Aussie or Canuck that I didn’t like. EVER! They are just such nice people.

I’m proud to announce that I have another fellow Canadian that should be added to the “Groovy Guy List”. Not only is he a great man, but he just happens to be a killer copy-writer as well.

I’m not talking about your average copy writer either. I’m talking about someone who injects lyrical steroids into your salespage.

Do you want more website profits?

Then you need to call Shaune Clarke.

I just got off a teleconference call with Shaune and his students. He’s currently conducting a 10 week course on his master copy skills. Simply put, I was blown away.

Shaune has this keen ability to jump inside of your prospects head. I’m serious, he digs around their brains until he’s extracted every last piece of useable info. Then he creates sweet poetry with it.

I’m not joking. Just read the dude’s copy. I dare ya.

There is nothing better then being able to peruse a site without a bunch of grammatical pot holes. The reason I liked Shaune’s copy so much was this…..

1) I actually read the whole page without skipping ahead. Normally my ADD/ADHD would kick in after the headline and I would be off checking the price at the bottom. Not so here, the copy was too captivating.

2) The words are so fluid. They roll off the tongue like a sexy Isaac Hayes song.

3) You actually get a feel for who the guy is, what he has done, and what he can do for you.

I met Shaune a few months back in either Michel Fortin’s Forum, or maybe it was Big Dog Reese’s. I’m not sure. Anyways, we solidified an instant friendship over these tunes here…..

I highly encourage you to listen. Here it is again……

If your a music lover, or a people lover, Michael Franti’s words will resonate with you for days to come. I promise.

It wasn’t until after having a common liking for music that we actually discussed anything about marketing. And that’s the way I like it. You see, a simple link like the one above can devolop friendships, and mutually
beneficial business partners too. Music Rocks…..

Since meeting Shaune I have learned an immense amount about sales copy. Listening to his class tonight alone provided a week’s worth of material to study. It’s totally changed my thinking about how to write for my
prospects. Thanks for the eye opener buddy.

Not only has Shaune become a dear friend of mine, he has become a valuable business associate as well. And I owe a whole lot of it to my main man Michael Franti…….oh that beautiful music again….

I’m extremely proud to say that Shaune Clarke get’s the official “Profit Moffatt Seal of Approval”. I’ve hired him to write copy for me, and would easily recommend him to anyone that is serious about boosting their income. Simply put, Shaune knows how to get response.

If you need help with converting your website traffic into sales then I urge you to peep Shaune’s website. If your like me, you will insantly know what to do.

Wishing you the best with your online adventures,

Jason “Profit” Moffatt

PS: Peep my main man Shaune Clarke’s website

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