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30 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

The Profit Moffatt Show Is Now On iTunes

I’m stoked to announce that my new Profit Moffatt Show is officially released on iTunes as of yesterday. It will probably take a couple more days for it to be visible in the marketplace but you can now listen to the show at

I’d be super hyped if you’d be willing to subscribe to the podcast and rate & leave feedback for me. Every little bit helps and encourages me to keep publishing more. The Profit Moffatt Show

It looks like I’ll publish a new episode every Tuesday. The format of the show is obviously focused on marketing, but we tend to talk about a lot of personal stuff instead of boring people with SEO terms and stuff like that on each show.

Again, you can listen in at



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03 April 2012 ~ 4 Comments

Local Client Getting Tip

Here’s a quick tip that you can use with any smart phone when you are out and about to score local marketing clients. So many businesses are missing out on this it’s silly. There are so many opportunities to make a quick buck.

Tonight I’ll be doing a webinar with a very smart fellow named David Sprague. He’s going to show you his exact business model and how you can use it yourself in your own local market and beyond.

The webinar starts at 8PM EST.

—-> You Can Sign Up For The Webinar By Clicking Here (Make sure to set an alarm to remind yourself. You won’t want to miss this).

——>You Can Sign Up For The Webinar By Clicking Here <--------

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23 March 2012 ~ 5 Comments

How To Use Dropbox To Share Files With Friends

Have you used Dropbox yet?

It’s pretty sweet, and it’s dead simple to use.

Whether you just need a place to store some files so you don’t lose them, or maybe you want to share with a friend or outsourcer, Dropbox is a piece of cake.

I created this short video below to show you just how simple it is to use. And the best part is, it’s free for up to 2.2 Gigabytes.

Try Dropbox For Free By Clicking Here.



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27 February 2012 ~ 12 Comments

Uncle Mofo Has Got His Mojo Back!

A few days ago I sent many of you an incomplete email about a head injury I had suffered. Today is the first day I’m finally feeling back to 99%, so I thought I’d finish up those thoughts in a blog post and a video about the journey I’ve been on.

During the last 40 days I’ve had an immense amount of clarity about my life purpose, my relationships and the direction I want to take my businesses. Those of you who have known me for any considerable amount of time probably are aware that I operate my business sort of like a racquetball bouncing to and fro. Thankfully it’s been a very profitable racquetball, but not always very structured.

After getting my head somewhat clean, and then dizzying it up again by giving myself a concussion I’ve had a lot of time to think and plan my next moves. And I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited. In previous blog posts and videos I’ve talked about how marketing and business doesn’t motivate me that much. Well… I think I may have found something that finally kicked me in the ass and has got me in gear!

It’s about time.

Over the next few weeks I think you are going to notice a lot of different changes in myself as a person and how I operate and run my businesses. I’ll have courses geared towards newbie internet marketers, and some very advanced stuff for seasoned vets who want to increase their already flourishing businesses. I’ll also be diving into the world of helping others with health, diet and exercise by teaming up with some incredible experts that I simply cannot wait to introduce you to.

I feel like making a Stella Has Got Her Groove Back reference, but I have never even seen that movie, nor do I know what it’s about. But let me say this… “Uncle Mofo Has Got His Mojo Back!”

Get ready y’all…

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06 February 2012 ~ 12 Comments

Quick Money Hack

Quick Money Hack


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16 January 2012 ~ 22 Comments

How To Make Money Without Working Hard

We’ve all seen something ridiculous like this before… “How to make a million dollars by sitting in your Snuggee and watching Maury Povich all day”.

Sounds great huh? Of course we all know it’s utter bullshit. Or is it?

In my personal experience, generating income on the internet has been the easiest job I’ve ever had. Yes, it did take a couple of years of grunt work, experimenting and educating myself, but once I got the basics down it was off to the races and I never looked back.

After a few years, I pretty much perfected the method of passive income and worked as little as possible to maintain a healthy six figure lifestyle without having to do much of anything.

How was this done?

It was very simple. I just brought people along for the ride. Instead of constantly bragging and boasting about all my achievements and successes, I shared my entire story. Yes, the whole enchilada. When I had issues in my personal life, I openly aired those. When things went south with investments, I’d share that too. And when I had no clue where I was going to rest my head, where I was going to live or what I wanted to do with my life, I’d freely admit it and ask for feedback from those who’ve had more life experience than myself.

What I’ve found over the years is that people will like, trust and buy from you as long as they believe you are genuinely trying to grow and get better each day. People are very helpful and forgiving no matter what your past may look like, as long as you are determined to better yourself and better the environment around you. You’ll almost always have a support group that can sustain your ideals and dreams if you are completely honest with your subscribers and readers about your intentions.

Lots of people think that they need to build a email list of 50,000 to 100,000 people before they can strike it rich. Wrong! For many years my email list never exceeded 6000 people and that group of subscribers helped me live the most amazing life ever. And lets face it, of those 6000 people, only about 800 were actually opening the emails.

You really only need about 1000 people paying attention to your message to really make a big impact. Sometimes even less. The more open and honest you are about your life, the easier it is to start building a community of people that will be willing to help you achieve your goals.

During the last two years I haven’t been selling much of my own products at all. I had a couple partnerships, but those sadly went south. In reality, I haven’t done much of anything but tell my story during the last two years. And because of this lack of work, you’d think my income would be taking a huge nose dive.

But guess what? In just the first two weeks of January I’ve deposited well over my monthly average for the last 5 years. It’s insane. I keep saying… “This gravy train has to run out sometime”, but it seems to keep on picking up steam and momentum despite me putting in less effort than ever.

So how does this keep happening?

It’s what I call “The It Factor” and I have an entire course sitting right here on the issue. I just need to finish this sales video so I can present it to you and others. I really want to share this with you, even if it does mean I’ll have to do a bit of work (arg, I hate that word).

Alongside of The It Factor I also have a program called “Quick Money Hacks” that shows how I pull off quick little tricks for maximum payouts. This is stuff anyone can do if they have a wee bit of hustle in them. For instance, last month I deposited a $8300 check for doing guess what? … I made one 10 minute phone call. Tough gig hey? I’ll show you how I did that in Quick Money Hacks. Once again, I just need to put some finishing touches on it and it will be ready.

If you read my last blog post, you already know I’m not so good at putting the finishing touches on things. I’m somewhat of a slacker. Okay, a big slacker. And it’s not one of those images that I portray to make things seem easier than they really are. I truly am the epitome of a beach bum in the works.

However, thanks to so many of my readers and subscribers I’ve got a ton of great advice on how I can finish up these projects and be happy about them. I truly thank every one of you that emailed, called, texted or left comments on the blog or Facebook. I promise to reply to every single one of them.

Beyond just advice, I’ve got some people that have extended a hand to help me finish up these projects. For instance, my buddy Marshall Wayne and I went paddle boarding and he offered to help me out with some video intros and such for my programs. I’m going to hit him up today after my chiropractor appointment and see what we can bust out.

I’ve had others reach out with copywriting help, graphics, motivation, and some with just a good ole fashion kick in the ass telling me to quick being a pussy and get to work. I appreciate it all, even the not so gentle words telling me to get off my ass and back to the grind.

After a few days of reflection I think I’ve found numerous ways to get excited again about working on some projects. So I sincerely mean it when I say thank you.


Can you really make a ton of money without working hard?


I’ve proven it time and time again. However, (and this is a big however) I’ve been selling things since I was a little kid. I understand hustling, providing value, saving people time, entertaining folks, enriching their lives, etc etc etc. I’ve lived a very full life with tons of experiences that most simply have never had access to. So for me, yes it’s easy. Sometimes I wish I could transfer those skills and talents to others in a quick second but the reality is, you have to live your life to the fullest and then bring that wisdom with you to the table.

So for myself, it seems so simple. But in reality, it’s a bit tougher for others. And most of the time, it’s near impossible for the rest.

Your success is going to depend on your experience in life, your willingness to try new things out and how much people like and believe you. And that part about people liking and believing you is probably the biggest part of the equation.

In the coming days, I really hope I can follow through and deliver you these tools that I know will make your online experiences more fun and profitable. This stuff is the goods. So good. Incredibly good. It’s not fair for me to hoard this stuff when I know just how much of a impact it can make.

So please wish me luck and thanks for the bits of encouragement. It means a lot.

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19 December 2011 ~ 15 Comments

Doubling Up During The Holidays

Marketing Monday – Doubling Up During The Holidays

Here’s a quick tip you can use to double your money during the holiday season. I can’t promise it’ll make you rich, but it’s a method that is solid and it works as I proved today.

I created this video for people that are willing to hustle, and maybe need a few bucks to keep the lights on, pay the cable bill or just make a few ends each day. Enjoy.


PS: Deb gave me a great idea from her reply in the comments below. What if you provided “wrapping” and “delivering” services for the items as well? Quickly a $10 investment could turn into $40 or $50 if you found someone who didn’t have the time or energy to go shopping for themselves.

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18 December 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Sunday Spotlight On Rebecca Geiger

A couple weeks ago I was having breakfast with my mushroom picking buddy Jay Bergers III (that’s the third, not 3 I’s) in San Francisco and he asked if I knew Rebecca Geiger?

“Heck ya” I replied. “She’s the awesome girl who made me a custom hand drawn QR Code t-shirt.”

She literally hand drew, with a Sharpie I’m guessing, a QR code image that directs to my website onto a shirt. What a cool gift! I was very thankful for such a thoughtful present that obviously took a bit of time to create.” jason moffatt rebecca geiger

I first remember meeting Rebecca at John Carlton’s “Action Seminar” in San Diego. It’s quite possible we met before that, but this is the moment that really stands out in my mind.

I can’t recall why Jay had brought her name up, but I remember it being about how much of a sweetie she was and that she would do just about anything for her friends and loved ones. And these are the type of people that I want to bring to your attention on the Sunday Spotlight.

I barely knew Rebecca except for our brief interactions at the seminar and via our Facebook and online friendship, but for some reason I could really tell she was a gem, a great person, and someone who I will now blog about on a Sunday Spotlight.

This is how cool she is… this snippet about her boyfriend was taken from her Facebook profile… “I really love my boyfriend Colin, I am very grateful he is in my life. If I lined up 1,000,000,000 men in a row and had to pick one.. it would still be Colin.”

How darn sweet is that? He beat out a Billion dudes! That’s some serious love right there.

Anyhow, it’s quite rare to run across someone who puts in such effort to connect with others in the world and I just wanted to say thank you to Rebecca for making a lasting impression on myself and others in our community. You are a rock star girl.



PS: You can check out Rebecca’s site at When I get back home I’ll snap a picture of me wearing the t-shirt that Rebecca made me and add it to the post. :)

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09 December 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Mini Site Secrets Webinar With Jason Drohn

Mini Site Secrets With Jason Drohn
Tuesday DEC. 13th 9PM EASTERN

Last week I got a heads up from a good buddy and JV Broker Andy Hussong about a webinar that people were absolutely going BONKERS over! Andy always has his nose to the grind and ear on the line about what’s moving and shaking in the online marketing world. Friendship with Andy has it’s privileges.

Since we are both heartbroken Chicago Cub fans, and mutual pals, I always get juicy insider information about what’s going on behind the scenes in the marketing world and what’s really working.

Andy told me… “Dude, you gotta check out what Jason Drohn is up to with his Mini Site Secrets program.” Trusting Andy’s advice and intel, I said “Sure, let’s see what he’s got”.

Within minutes I was emailed access to Jason’s members area for Mini Site Secrets. So I logged in, perused around, watched a few videos and was like… “DAMN… This is thorough and well done!”.

Jason Drohn Mini Site Secrets

This is just a small screenshot to show the layout inside the members area.

Everything is super clean and concise. It’s easy to follow and literally walks you through the ABC’s of setting up simple content sites that make money via FREE online traffic methods.

For some reason, lots of people seem to be abandoning the idea that small niche sites can make you great money online. I don’t know where this silly rumor started, but niche marketing is far from dead. I’d go so far as to say that it will never die. There will always be people interested in specific and weird niche ideas. Always.

Anyhow, after going through his site and watching the videos for a few hours I knew I had to let people know about this.

Here’s why…

It’s totally newbie friendly and it’s exactly what you need to do when setting up niche income streams online. It’s plain as day and sitting right there for the taking. This is the kind of thing I LOVE to promote because it’s the real deal.

So, I told Jason to hit me up on Skype and within minutes we started chatting. Jason-Drohn-Skype-Chat

We hit it off right away and it was obvious Jason knew his stuff. So, we talked about setting up a webinar so you could view exactly what it is he’s up to and how you can mimic it yourself to make a nice chunk of money.

However, before I agreed to the webinar I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t going to be a pitch fest and that Jason was going to actually teach us something on the call. Also, I didn’t want it to last 2 1/2 hours.

He said the webinar is fairly short at 1 1/2 hours after all Questions and Answers at the end, and he promised that he’s going to walk us through a LIVE demo of his exact system to make money online with these Mini Site Secrets.

Here’s what you can expect to see and learn on the webinar…

A simple, easy to follow formula you
can steal that is guaranteed to produce
income for you.

– The #1 way of making money online LONG
TERM whether youíre starting from scratch
or youíve already got some experience
under your belt.

How to pick out hot products to sell so
you get MAX commissions…

– How to RANK HIGH for the search terms
you want to rank for, in no time flat!

The number one free traffic-getting strategy
that he uses in his business to pull in
thousands of people to his sites, and
hundreds of people to his list each and every
day, and it doesnít require a DIME!

– Ö Plus a lot more :0)

I’m stoke, and hope you join us this Tuesday.

Click Here To Register For The Tuesday Webinar.


Jason “Profit” Moffatt

PS: I’ll be giving away a FREE BONUS to a random person on the webinar valued at over $5000.00

All you have to do is show up for the webinar and you’ll be eligible to win! So make sure you’re here on Tuesday evening…

Click Here For Tuesdays Mini Site Secrets Webinar With Jason Drohn


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08 December 2011 ~ 22 Comments

Don’t Expect Them To Understand

If you’ve been in the internet marketing field for any length of time then you’ve inevitably had to deal with the problem of a family member or friend asking you… “What exactly is it that you do?”

The question always comes up, and no matter what answer we seem to give it never seems to satisfy the inquiry.

If you say you’re a Copywriter their mind thinks of that little circled c logo that stands for copyright on the bottom of the page. If you say Email Marketer they think you’re a Viagra or porn spammer and if you dare say you’re a Search Engine Optimist they’ll just stare at you and wonder what foreign language you just spoke.

In my experience it’s almost better to just say you’re a drug dealer or tell them you sell digital crack because at least they’ll have some understanding of that.

To be serious for a second, this issue is one that comes up all the time. Because the internet marketing industry is so new and because so many people can’t seem to grasp the idea of creating massive wealth so quickly on the internet it boggles their mind that these opportunities are even true or legit. The old saying “If it’s too good to be true…” really has crippled some people’s minds and has created some sad limitations on what is possible, especially on the internet.

Starting a online business can be rough on families and relationships because the fear of the unknown is quite a daunting feeling. So many spouses get upset at their significant other because of continual purchases of products and seminars promising that this will finally be the tool that will help elevate them to financial success. Of course it’s usually just an entry way to being sold more shit that will sit on the shelf and it further pisses off and worries the partner. And rightfully so in many cases.

I’ve found there is really only one way to alleviate these feelings of insecurity and worry and that is to…


If you aren’t bringing in the money from your internet ventures, don’t expect others to keep encouraging you for long. It’s just not going to happen.

And here’s some really shitty news…

When you do start bringing in money don’t expect others to encourage you either. Here’s the sad, sad, sad reality about success…. It sometimes makes other people feel diminished about themselves and they often have a hard time truly being happy for you. Of course this isn’t a blanket statement that applies to everyone, but it’s way more prevalent then you’d ever imagine.

I have life long friends that no longer hang out because they feel I’m some type of elitist asshole who now runs with the Joneses, or that somehow I now think I’m better than them because I have a pocket full of cash. For some stupid reason my success triggers some emotional reaction about their lack of hustle and achievement in the world and makes them feel like shit about themselves.

I can’t imagine ever having anything but joy and encouragement for anyone that is doing good for themselves, but don’t expect that from everyone because it just isn’t going to happen.

And here’s something that utterly boggles my mind as well. Even if you do start showing your loved ones the money and are bringing in fat paychecks, don’t assume that is going to finally make them feel secure and safe about your internet business. Nope.

People are conditioned to work 9 to 5 jobs, punch into time clocks, follow bosses orders, commute to and from work, work all year for 2 weeks paid vacation, stare at the clock waiting for their break and hate their jobs. It’s doesn’t seem real to them that you can work 2 to 3 hours a day and make 5 times the income they make after spending 6 years going to college to prepare for their apparent dream job.

If you had a job as a Fireman, a Postal Worker, a Lawyer, Chiropractor etc, they’d feel safe. Internet Marketer? Not so safe. It doesn’t even matter if you make 5 times the income as the previous mentioned careers. It doesn’t matter that you now have more time to hang out and spend with the family. And it doesn’t matter that you have more opportunity and connections then you’ve ever had in your entire life. It’s all still too foreign for many people to grasp.

My point is, don’t expect others to understand your internet business, your success or your peer group. If you do set these expectations, you may find that you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment.

Best of luck everyone.


PS: I’m so thankful that I’ve never experienced any pessimism or doubts from my immediate family about my online adventures. My parents have always been very supportive of almost everything in my life and especially my internet business. However, I know this is a issue that almost all of us deal with in one way or another at some point, so I figured I’d touch on it.

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