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14 May 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Beastie Boys Sabotage – MCA Tribute

This Beastie Boys Sabotage – MCA Tribute is incredible! Very nice job.

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20 December 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Jake Shimabukuro Does Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Tuesdays Tune – Jake Shimabukuro does Bohemian Rhapsody
Jake Shimabukuro & Jason Moffatt

I’m not sure there’s a better ukulele player than Jake Shimabukuro. The guys is so solid on the uke.

I remember first seeing him do a cover of George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” sometime in 2006 and it literally brought me to tears. I had never heard anyone play the ukulele in such a manner. It had a lasting impression on me that would never dwindle.

One of the things I love about Jake is he’s really tuned into the surfing culture, which makes a lot of sense considering he’s from Hawaii.

I had the pleasure of meeting him at a fundraiser for the California Surf Museum a few years ago and he was such a stand up guy. He loves to bring smiles to people’s faces, and boy oh boy does he love to strum that ukulele.

Watch the video below as he does a cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody…

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13 December 2011 ~ 3 Comments

Home Is Wherever I’m With You

Tuesday’s Tune – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros “Home”

For the last two months I’ve made my home in the shittiest place I’ve ever rested my head for any significant amount of time. The crazy part is that I can afford to live just about anywhere I want, but have instead decided to stick it out in this desolate dump so I could be near the woman I fell in love with. I once said I’d live in a tent in Detroit during the winter for love, but I was probably exaggerating quite a bit with that statement. I’d need at least a minivan to crash in.

Those of you that know me well are probably aware I’m a total softie when it comes to sappy music. I exert tears with some of the cheesiest stuff ever. For some reason, I’m heavily moved by music. Especially country music (I know, weird). One open slide with a Stevens bar on the pedal steel guitar can make me weep in about 2 seconds flat. And because of this intense love for music, I decided to dedicate each Tuesday to a particular tune that I’ve been grooving on recently.

So, lately I’ve really been digging on this tune by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros called Home. But it’s not the original version that has moved me so much. It’s this little girl (Alexa Narvaez) and her father Jorge Narvaez’s cover of the song.

The chorus of the song goes…

Home, let me come home
Home is wherever I’m with you
Oh home, yes I am home
Home is when I’m alone with you.

You can see the original video by clicking here.

But it’s this cover video of Alexa and Jorge that I wanted to share with you on Tuesday’s Tune…

The first time I saw the video I choked up pretty hard. It was so cute, and had so much meaning to me.

One thing I find crazy is that the original video doesn’t even have 4,000,000 views at the time of this blog post, yet the cover song has over 16,500,000 views. Part of that reason could have something to do with the fact that they don’t allow you to embed the original video on websites. But mostly I chalk it up to a ton of talent from the father and daughter duo.

They’ve been featured on Ellen, and I recently saw them doing a Hyundai commercial. It’s nice to know they are cashing in a bit on their talents.

You can find their YouTube channel under the user name RealityChangers. Lots of entertaining covers by this talented duo.

Hope you enjoy.


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10 December 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Life Ain’t Always Beautiful

“No, life ain’t always beautiful
But I know I’ll be fine
Hey, life ain’t always beautiful
But its a beautiful ride
What a beautiful ride” – Gary Allan

I’m a fairly optimistic person. I like to see the good in people, hope they’ll do the right things and encourage them to be their best at all times.

And the overwhelming majority of the time I’ve found the human spirit is a beautiful thing. We tend to take care of each other, support our loved ones and will do just about anything for those whom we find precious in our lives. I have your back, and you have mine. Most of the time.

Sadly, there are moments in life when this doesn’t ring true. And when the walls come crumbling down it’s important to know that the miserable experiences in life are essential components that make us stronger and make us love even more.

Not everything in this world is going to go according to plan. God will throw monkey wrenches into your schedule and life. You will be tested. And it’s how you deal with these adversities and hurdles that is going to shape the future of your life.

Shit happens. Really shitty stuff happens. In the last couple days some good friends of my family were murdered in cold blood. The act was atrocious. It defies belief. I’m not sure how in the world you can put any type of positive spin on it because you can’t. The fact is, life ain’t always beautiful.

But it’s the ups and downs and roller coaster of emotions that makes this life worth living. If we were always on a constant high there wouldn’t be anything to measure it against. So while life isn’t always beautiful, it is a beautiful ride.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride.


PS: RIP Mona & Leo. You always cracked me up and put a smile on my face. May the ride on the other side be a ball full of joy and smiles.

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10 December 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Like My Dog By Billy Currington

Here’s a few slides of my doggie Webber to Billy Currington’s tune “Like My Dog”…

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17 November 2011 ~ 2 Comments

TuneIn Radio Pro Review

I’ve always been a radio buff. Since I was in my teens I preferred AM talk radio over FM music channels.

I mostly grew up listening to conservative talk radio because that’s what dominated the AM dial. In the late evenings, I’d listen and fall asleep to Coast To Coast AM hosted by Art Bell. His format was bizarre chat ranging from UFO’s to Remote Viewing to Chupacabra’s and more. If it was wacky, it was on Art Bell’s show.

I think I listened to that show for about 6 years. Then one day I saw a picture of Art Bell and I no longer was interested in listening to the show. I know, weird. I wish I never saw his photo. I did the same thing once I saw Tom Leykis. I was over it.

Anyhow, the other day I was chilling in my RV and longed for the AM dial. Art Bell is no longer on the air, but George Noory took over as the resident kook at Coast to Coast AM. So I decided to search for an app on my iPhone that would let me find the channel.

Within minutes of searching I stumbled upon TuneIn Radio Pro.

TuneIn Radio Pro

TuneIn Radio Pro

TuneIn Radio Pro is pretty slick. It only cost .99 cents and with a couple taps of the finger I was listening to Coast To Coast AM. And what a delight because the guest that evening was Jack Canfield, the creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series.

Jack was plugging his new book The Golden Motorcycle Gang, A Story Of Transformation.

The book sounded rad, and it was groovy to hear Jack’s voice upon first using TuneIn Radio Pro.

TuneIn Radio Pro

TuneIn Radio Pro

Right now as I’m typing this I’m listening to some tech show all about the iPhone. It’s actually pretty boring and this kid is just whining. I’d rather listen to some Chaka Khan or something besides this nerd.

And that’s what is cool about TuneIn Radio Pro. The claim is there is 50,000 or more options of what you can listen to. I’m not sure if that number is true, but there’s a hell of a lot of options.

Anyhow, if you’re into various types of radio, I’d definitely add this to your mobile device. They have talk radio, current events, sports, music, politics, spiritual, trucker radio and so much more.

Click Here To Download TuneIn Radio Pro.

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18 March 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Rebecca Black Friday Parody By Kyle Cease

Well, it’s Friday and unless you’ve been living in a cave you’ve probably heard about overnight internet sensation Rebecca Black and her ridiculously catchy song Friday.

This girly has gotten about 17,000,000 views this week and a ton of hate mail and press. Poor girl. She’s only 13 and I’m sure she never expected anything like this to happen. Anyhow, we had to shoot a spoof. Kyle Cease pioneered the video and comedian Travon Free plays the rapper guy. Our buddy Diego edited the entire thing and Lana and I had small little cameos.

Grab some popcorn, cuz it’s Friday. errr…. I mean Wednesday.

Kyle did a follow up video today to give Rebecca Black a bit of encouragement. This is some really good advice for anyone dealing with haters or nay sayers.

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09 September 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Conan O’Brien Covers Willie Nelson – On The Road Again

I can’t wait for Conan O’Brien’s new show to debut on TBS. I was super pumped to catch him & the band in Austin Texas during the Legally Prohibited From TV tour.

Here’s Conan doing probably the most famous Willie Nelson song known to man… “On The Road Again”.

But before he does that, he makes out with La Bamba a bit.

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26 August 2010 ~ 3 Comments

The Computers Rhyme

When I was 21 years old (nearly 14 years ago) I hated computers. I thought they were near the root of all evil. I’m not really sure why I held this opinion, but I did.

In fact, I disliked computers so much that a few friends and myself wrote a song about how they were destroying the world. I don’t hold such hatred for the little box emitting radiation as much as I used to but it’s interesting to see just how much I was against the same tool that provides me so much joy, connections and income in my life today.

I still believe that we need to separate ourselves from our computers and electronics at times. When was the last time you went camping without things like cable, cell phones and internet connection? For many of you it’s been way too long. Sometimes it’s good to disconnect.

While I think these lyrics I wrote well over a decade may be a bit extreme, I still believe they have some serious validity. Here’s the rhyme that touches on internet porn, technological advancements, cult leaders, Macs & PC’s, power and money…

Downloading mainframe dames to refrain tangible game
As symptoms of carpal tunnel has your words per minute down the drain
In the millennium of pentium processors
Professors strive for the knowledge a ten year old possesses
No stresses, just presses of keys on these errors in society
Don’t you see that your Peter can’t Mac until it’s got Tosh
Patrolling punany in cyberspace so now you lost
In monitor screens cuz fiends are quarantined from families
As mega bytes of Apple tramples a book worms dream.

So Bill manipulates Heavens Gates
Through Windows that are microsoftly radiating your facial
Features as neo creatures become technological teachers
Applewhite and others such persuasive preachers
So build the nerve to Compuserve a mental fax to yourself
Who swings the ax into your wealth
As guillotines replace paper cutters
For computer geeks who’s printers start to stutter.

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11 August 2010 ~ 9 Comments

Royalty Free Music

The sites listed below offer royalty-free music that ranges from totally free to pay per use.  Please make sure to pay special attention to the stipulations of any Creative Commons-licensed music, as certain CC licenses require attribution to the original author or prohibit commercial use of the material.
(also checkout Garageband for Mac)

Sorry for not having each site hyperlinked but I didn’t have the time to do that. Maybe I can go back and copy the html from my joomla site and it will automatically link them together. :: this portion of, ‘film music’, is for independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of free music for their independent, non-profit film, video, or short. :: All music on this page is provided royalty-free. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. :: On Jamendo artists allow anyone to download and share their music. It’s free, legal and unlimited. :: Open Music Archive is a collaborative project, initiated by artists Eileen Simpson & Ben White, to source, digitise and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings. The archive is open for anyone to use and contribute to. :: Opsound is a gift economy in action, an experiment in applying the model of free software to music. Musicians and sound artists are invited to add their work to the Opsound pool using a copyleft license developed by Creative Commons. Listeners are invited to download, share, remix, and reimagine. :: ccMixter is a community remix site sponsored by Creative Commons :: The Freesound Project, collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers. Have you freed your sound today? :: free classical music

The following sites offer music that can be used royalty-free after a certain base fee is paid: :: Royalty free music to download for Film, TV, Video and Websites, plus free sound effects, free music loops, free midi files and free audio software. :: Pay Once. Use Forever :: Royalty free music and stock music for production, multimedia projects, film, television, video, advertising, and on hold music applications. :: Royalty free background music, buyout music loops. Listen online, purchase on secure server, use as much as you like. Delivered by instant download :: The world’s largest and most customizable music library :: Royalty free music background music. Royalty free background music downloads & CDs for any usage. All buyout royalty free background music, pay once (but it’s a bit spendy) :: Digital Juice is the world leader in royalty-free professional animations, stock footage, music, layered graphics, clip art, and templates. :: Broadcast Quality Royal Free Production Music *$20 Song :: Royalty Free music :: Instantly Download Royalty Free Professional Instrumental Background Music Productions for Camtasia Video Presentations, YouTube video projects :: Royalty free music downloads and CD s. Download premium quality royalty free music for websites, podcasts, video & film. Features a buyout production music :: Royalty Free Music Tracks and Loops for Video, Radio, TV and film production, Games, Flash, Presentations. Instant Downloads. :: Freeplay Music, Highest Quality Broadcast Production Music Library, Free Mp3 Music Download, See Terms Of Use, Country,Hip Hop,Rap,Techno,Song with Lyrics :: royalty free music library featuring thousands of production tracks, flash loops and sound effects. Preview, Purchase, Download. :: Royalty Free Music provider UnqiueTracks is something different. Download from our music library and give us a listen, we have classical, sound effects (for schools) :: Soundzabound is the ONLY royalty free music library which meets all the licensing and technology requirements needed for education! :: Royalty Free Music, professional tracks and Flash loops for website, background music, film, radio and television. Preview and download instantly. :: Royalty free music and sound effects library, stock footage, and stock photos. Create buyout soundtracks or download videos and photos, stock music :: 400000 Sound Effects and Production Music Tracks. Download WAV AIF, and Mp3 Sound Effects, Production Music, Surround Sound Effects, Sound Effects CDs :: Royalty free music from Thousands of royalty free music selections from professionals all over the world. :: Stock music and royalty free music downloads. MP3 tracks: Search, preview and buy online. Audio CDs: More tracks, better music . Instrumental royalty free :: Royalty free music you can download online in mp3 format. Finally, that Hollywood soundtrack sound in a royalty free music library. :: 100% Royalty Free Music, Stock Music – A high quality music library for producers and multimedia developers. NO license hassles or cue sheets to file :: The first and finest collection of original sound effects and royalty-free music optimized for interactive media. Custom sound design and music also :: A reference site to help identify public domain songs and public domain music . . . lists of public domain music, royalty free music recordings :: Royalty Free Music by Alan Steward, CDs starting at $29.95, Instant Downloads, Affordable Production Library for Video, Broadcast and Multi Media :: Royalty free music and buyout music for production, multimedia projects, film, television, video, advertising, music on hold, and background music :: Browse our royalty free music by category or by using our Quick Search facility, make your choice and decide which format you require :: free cd library at CrankCity. Buy Royalty Free CD collections today.
http://sound-ideas :: Sound Ideas is the world’s largest publisher of professional sound effects, royalty free production music and production elements. :: Royalty-Free Music from All Music Library :: The Studio Cutz Production Music Library is a collection of the highest quality royalty free music (or buyout music) available for use in a multitude of production areas. Royalty free sound effects are available for downloads. :: The place to instantly purchase professional background theme music with a ‘Royalty-Free’ license delivered in high quality Mp3 format. :: License Royalty free music Full tracks, Loops and Cuts from our stock music library. Download production music for TV, podcasts and Flash web sites. :: Original music. Independent artists. Simple licensing. :: Celebrating 12 Years of Providing Quality Content to the Global Audio Community! Sounds are Free to Preview – Purchase to Download in WAV, MP3, AIFF, AU, or WMA Format :: Superb quality of royalty free buyout production music and sound effects available now. Over 300 volumes and 10000 tracks may be purchased on CD, CD-ROM :: The first and finest collection of original sound effects and royalty-free music optimized for interactive media. Custom sound design and music also :: AudioJungle is a brand new audio community serving up thousands of stock music loops and audio effects by independent authors for use in your projects. :: Royalty Free Music Loops, Full Length Tracks and Edits, Immediate Download, Lifetime License, no ASCAP or BMI. :: Music 2 Hues is a worldwide supplier of royalty-free production music and sound effects. With over 100 audio CD’s, and over 1000 buyout music tracks for download, we’re confident you’ll find a music track to fit your next production. :: Royalty Free Music, Digital Audio, Composition, Custom Audio, Music Production and Session Musicians :: Your best source for modern high quality music :: Your best choice for buyout music, production music and commercial background music. All clips are downloadable and royalty free. :: Royalty Free Music, Loops, Voiceover for Immediate Download for TV, Video, Multimedia, CD, Games, Backgroundmusic, Internet, Musiclibrary :: Royalty free music, stock music, buyout music for soundtracks, productions, video, television, websites, computer games, music on hold, and background music applications. Listen to and download music samples from our online catalogue. :: An audio professionals resource for royalty-free sound effects, production elements, sound effect downloads and sound library products. At Expert Sound Shop our product offerings include sound effects from Sound Ideas, BBC, Digiffects, Serafine and many more publishers. :: NVM Digital – Library of royalty-free (copyright-free) music, photo library, books, maps, special interest CD-ROMs, Arts and Crafts from the Lakes and Dales :: Download any royalty-free music track instantly for just $25 or less :: We’re Artists – not Agents. All substance, no fluff. All needles, no haystack. Just real, high-quality tracks written, arranged and engineered by us. That means you’ll find what you’re looking for fast. Very fast. Save time, save sanity and save face by bringing the good music. So get in. Get the good stuff. And get out. :: Download over 250,000 sound effects, samples and royalty free music tracks from the biggest and best libraries, including Sound Ideas, Zero-G, BBC and more. :: Royalty Free Music for Downloads. Video Backgrounds, Web Templates, Graphics and Stock Photos all available as downloads. Demos online. :: Download High quality Royalty free music, free Background Music, stock music, for video, film, TV, radio, multimedia, internet. :: Royalty free music for production and music on hold – 3 CDs for $99. Buyout music CDs and instant mp3 downloads at $19.95 each. K-12 educational packages :: Notepad Music – composing custom music, songs, advertising music, jingles, stock music, library music, television themes, television music.

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