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Sitting In The Woods

Sometimes I just sit in the woods and lounge under a tree. I’m not doing anything in particular other than being. I just sit there, watch my breath and thoughts and eventually slip into no mind.


Little Crater Lake

Maybe I’ll pick up a pine cone and smell it and get lost for another 5 minutes. Then my awareness will shift to the sound of the Woodpecker drilling a hole in the dead tree above. I bet it would be cool to be friends with a Woodpecker. If I were a Woodpecker I’m pretty sure I’d carve artsy stuff on bus stop benches.

The smells along the Pacific Crest Trail near Mt. Hood are so crisp. It’ll get even more crisp as winter falls upon us. This smell seems to penetrate right into the lungs in a way no southern California air can. It’s hard to describe, but one whiff of Oregon mountain air and I know I’m home.

At times I feel like I’m going crazy when I’m in the woods. Then I wonder… “Maybe this is what enlightenment is supposed to feel like?”. Then I think… “Dude, you got one hell of an ego”. And then I ping pong those feelings for a while and dismiss them as I get distracted by a mushroom I haven’t seen before.

I’d like try Amanita Muscaria’s, but I’m a bit afraid of poisoning my liver. I bet the trip is pretty intense though.

Deer, elk, bears, river otters, beavers, birds, are bugs, they’re all around. Most don’t show their faces that often, but they’re out there. I’m pretty sure Webber’s dog collar keeps them at bay. It’s sort of loud and helps me keep track of him when we are wandering deep in the woods.

Meeting people in the woods is a cool thing. It doesn’t happen that often on more obscure trails but when it does happen, the people are almost always super chill and the kind you’d like to have as your friends.

There’s just something about the woods.I can’t really say it’s better than the ocean, it’s just different. It helps me let loose of rampant thoughts and channel my creativity much better. It’s kind of like taking a shower in a way where you’ll spawn all kinds of amazing ideas.

I like the woods.

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2 Responses to “Sitting In The Woods”

  1. mark grove 3 November 2013 at 9:49 pm Permalink

    Beautiful article Mo! Makes me want to get out of the city and get back with nature. You said it perfectly when you talked about enlightenment and the fact it would be quite hip to be able to communicate with “Woody”.

    Enjoy Mt.Hood and much peace in your life Mo.


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