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30 August 2005 ~ 3 Comments

Internet Marketers FREE Poker Tournament.

It’s WSOP (World Series of Poker) time, and all the poker junkies can’t wait to watch Phil Ivey and others go All In in the biggest poker tournament of all time.

These poker broadcastings have created a ton a buzz in the last 2 years, and it’s seems everyone wants in. Well, I just had a great idea.

Let’s have a “Interenet Marketers Poker Tournament” online. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to play for cash. We are going to play for bragging rights only. It should only take about 2-3 hours and will be a blast. So if anyone want’s to play, send me a email to (pokersecrets @ yahoo), or respond to the post here.

Even if you are not that good, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has a chance to win this baby. Maybe I’ll pony up some cool prizes too, I’m sure I could muster that up somehow. All you have to do, is let me know you want to play, and I’ll set the game up at one of the online poker rooms, and mail you the password and time that we will play. This will probably take place in the next 2 or 3 weeks, depending upon the response.

Hey folks, I have a great treat for you. It’s a FREE $10 to play with right now. Yes, 100% FREE, no gimmicks, no tricks, just $10 Free dollars to get your feet wet playing poker at Royal Vegas. It’s completely secure, safe, and fun…..Click Here to get your FREE $10 to play with. It usually takes up to 24 for the money to be credited into your account. I turned my $10 into a few hundred dollars, and you could do the same.

So folks, just let me know if you want to play. We will be playing “No Limit Texas Hold Em”, and I’ll update you on the time and place. So get in touch if you wanna play, and you’ll have the chance to sport the Internet Marketers Poker Trophy……..

pokersecrets @ yahoo if you wanna play….


PS. I won’t use any of my Master Tracking Tools or Calculators either. hahahhaha

PPS. Check out my Poker Course if you want to have the upper hand on the match.

29 August 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Hurricane Katrina Looking Fierce. Please Say a Prayer for those in her path.

Hey folks, nothing funny today. Sorry…..

More important than laughs right now are many peoples lives in Lousiana, Alabama, and Florida. Please keep your fingers crossed, and say a prayer for our friends in the Southwest as it looks like they are going to need all the help they can get.

The storm is only hours away and reports of 165 mph winds is not encouraging.

Never underestimate the power of “Positive Affirmations”…..


26 August 2005 ~ 12 Comments

If They Mated, Frank Kern and Alice Seba

Hey friends,

Let’s get something straight. My photoshop skills suck……Do you think that stops me from making crappy photoshops though? Hell no…….

I have dozens of these dumb pics, but as I keep making these sophmoric images, I keep learning new tools in photoshop to use.

So how many of you have seen Late Night with Conan O’Brien when they do the skit “If They Mated”? If you have never seen the skit, check it out here Conan and the producers take 2 celebrities, and through the futuristic abilities of this amazing software, they are able to predict what their offspring would look like if they happened to mate.

Well, I know Mr. Frank Kern is married, and I know Alice has herself a man too. However, should this stop us from seeing what type of kid they might produce if they got really wasted at some marketing seminar? I think not. So here we go…..

It’s the 1st edition of the “If Internet Marketers Mated”…….Keep in mind, I suck at photoshop….Watch out, or you might be next.

25 August 2005 ~ 1 Comment

Name Your Town “Dish”, and get 10 years Free Dish Network Service

Wow, I am really trying to rally the troops in my small town of Welches to change the name of the town to “Dish“.

You see, Dish Network has agreed to provide 10 years’ worth of free satellite television service for every household in a U.S. town that legally makes the name change. Aol story here.

Arggggg, I live in the rain forest with too many trees. I wouldn’t be able to view it anyways…. However, if you live in a small Po Dunk little village with about 30 folks, I imagine you could run over to the bar and get everybody liquored up and convince them to change the towns name to Dish.

Just think, you could be viewing all the greats, (The Daily Show, South Park, Espn, The History Channel, etc, etc.) if your town would just rename itself from “Hicksville” to “Dish”. Not a bad plan hey.

I tell you what else is not a bad plan, and that’s the Dish Network. I used to be the Dish Sales Rep, and used to be a Cable Sales guy.

Without a doubt Dish rules, and will save you money and time. When you get the DVR package, you can totally eliminate commercials. Yep, never watch a commercial again. Ok, you can watch them commercials during Super Bowl, but that’s it.

Check out Dish Network Here. You won’t regret it.

23 August 2005 ~ 2 Comments

Warriors, Come Out 2 Playayayaya, or Buy Me a Beer.

I wonder how many times that ridiculous joke (Come out to playayayaya) has been made at the “Warrior Forum”.

Anyways, today I just learned about one rooten tooten cool idea. This ranks up their with the “Invention of the Wheel”, “Sliced Bread”, and ” The George Foreman Grill”…. What am I talking about? What could this phenomenal idea be? It’s the “Buy Me A Beer” Icon on the Warrior Forum…..

How darn cool is this? You see, you can buy fellow forum members a beer via a Paypal transfer. Now why would you buy someone a beer at the forum? Well, someone maybe provides a free report that is valuable and you want to thank them. Maybe you are trying to suck up for a JV with some big internet marketer. And then sometimes, maybe you just want to be a nice guy.

Regardless of the reason, it’s a great idea if you ask me……and those who know me, know I like my beer…… I think this might call for a “BEER SONG”…..


Yeah, what do you know, DAVE just bought me a BEER.

21 August 2005 ~ 7 Comments

The Rich Jerk, Can You Believe This Guy?

Hello Friends,

There has been quite a bit of buzz in the last 2 days about a guy who calls himself “The Rich Jerk”

When checking out his sales copy and web page, I was almost in disbelief. I thought it might be the good ol Internet Marketing Friars Club pulling another parody website, but nope, this guy is real. Regardless of whether or not you purchase his product, it is an absolute must to check out his site.

The approach he uses is very clever, and is extremely effective in creating an immense amount of curiousity. It sparked my interest that’s for sure, but to be honest I totally expected the product to be garbage. Well, I didn’t want to make any prejudice statements about the product, so I threw down the cash to check it out.

Now the big question. Is it worth the $97 bucks? Because cmon, that’s what we all really care about right?

Well, I guess that’s kind of up to you. If your a John Reese traffic master, then no you probably don’t need this product. However, if you are a big time player, why would you be crying about a hundred bucks? I imagine some of you big players will buy it for a variety of reasons. But for the little guy, the folks that just want to be able to pull in a few thousand bucks a month, is the Rich Jerk’s product for you?

To be honest I don’t know. You see, most of you people will purchase a $47-$497 product and then let it sit on the shelves. It seems like many people will purchase a map that has the directions to where the gold lays, but for some reason people decide it’s too far to walk to get all that gold, and geez, I’m gonna have to dig too. I guess it’s too much trouble.

You see, rarely is it that people actually buy these things then apply them. They will skip through the book and realize, “hey, there’s no magic button to push that will make me rich”.
No shit, you gotta be kidding me right? No magic button? Damn I want my money back……

Personally I got my $97 bucks out of this product. But then again, I’ve have turned alley trash into collectors memorabilia and made good cash from it. There was 1 tip alone in the book that I felt was worth the $97, and to be honest, I already knew it. However, I have not been implementing this technique that would easily be bringing me an extra $500 a month automatic income because I have been too damn lazy. I take that back, I have not been prioritizing correctly, I’m actually the opposite of lazy.

And that’s what matters. If your a lazy bum, don’t waste your hard earned money on this. You’ll never really do anything with it. If you are already making tons of cash, buy it for the hell of it. And if you just an average Joe wanting to make some extra cash, make up your mind for yourself.

Check out the “Rich Jerk” here……


19 August 2005 ~ 1 Comment

Just Released, “The Internet Marketers Song’

Well, I had such a good time learning how to use this Sonar 3 software when I put together the “Underachiever Song” last month that I had to test it out on another tune. I figured I’d throw in a few shouts to the homies…….Okay, next song will be a country tune….

Click here to listen to the New Internet Marketers Song….

I’ve included the lyrics for ya’ll too, and hey I think this gave me a great idea. I’m gonna become the “Rapping Affiliate”….I was thinking of making a little jingle for every product I promote as a affiliate…..Boy that’s gonna be a lot of songs.

We embark on a journey underachieving and learning
a new method to make connections, I hope ya’ll is earning
a buck or two, it be the marketing crew,
step inside my office we got that jobby to do
Let me thank Ed Dale, Heart like a Whale
Underachieving his Mastery is a what I can tell
And then there’s Lynn Terry, Self Starten the merry
Offering Weekly tips So sweet like a Berry
Can’t forget Mr. Reese cuz We all want a piece
of them traffic secrets so the customers don’t cease
to flock to the forum I’m diggen Michel Fortin
the copy doctor with advice so important.
And Harvey Segal, The Clickbank Mall
thanks for your help man I’m having a ball.
It be the time of my life, Never had it better
then I found out about them Gary Halbert Letters
REad em for days, Left me in a daze
now I understand about this marketing craze.

It be the Internet Marketing Song, Come along,
Everybody chips in, it’s a place we all belong

My first day of marketing I watched a JV video
Thanks Jason Cox, I made a pretty penny yo
Humble with my earnings, I kept up the learning
peeped Joe Vitale and Mr. Fire was burnin
Never would I quit, after the web bug bit
Then Frank Kern taught me some crazy shhhhhh
No need to curse in this marketing verse
Do you understand the vibe that will stack your purse?
It’s kill em with the kindness, Like that internet sweetie
Dj Al-Ice, Ms. Seba for sheezy
I’m having a ball on that conference call
Yanik Sivler’s tongue orates them goodies yall
And don’t miss the famous Mr. Mike Merz
erasen them frustrations with the newbie curves.
Writing them verbs, John Carlton curbs
crappy click thru’s cuz the words are superb

It’s that Internet Marketing Song, Come along,
Everybody makes a sale, ring the bell, bang the gong

It be the Internet Marketing Song, Come along,
Everybody chips in, it’s a place we all belong

So I created the ploy to learn from Envoy
Site Buildin it was a heck of a joy
but I was missing something, I needed the remedy
came across this genius who’s name is Dan Kennedy
Direct marketing, is his thing
hold your breath and watch your income swing
to the top of scene, how to corp with Michael Green
now I understand how to fulfill my dreams
Turning ideas into dollars, Yo Andre hear me hollar
Made me a commision on some doggie flea collars
Stumblen around, bumpen into money
Key to my succes has been strictly rock the funny

It’s that Internet Marketing Song, Come along,
Everybody makes a sale, ring the bell, bang the gong

It’s the Internet Marketing Song, Come along,
selling from Portland Oregon all the way to Hong Kong

It be the Internet Marketing Song, Come along,
Everybody chips in, it’s a place we all belong

18 August 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Perry Marshall Tele Conference about Google Ad Words Changes tonight.

Howdy Pals,

The buzz is stirring like a field of bees in the summer time. Many of you have noticed your Google Ad Words campaigns in complete disarray in the last two days. Me too. But don’t worry folks. Initially I know this is shocking to some of you, and possibly a few others have found a few ways to make some $$$ anyways despite these changes.

I actually had more clicks then normal yesterday (even inactive words were clicked), and am proud to say we made the 1st sale on Bartek and I’s new “Underachiever” product.

Anyways, tonight is the night if you wanna get the scoop and all the crucial info on what the Google master “Perry Marshall” thinks of the changes.

This is a “Dont Miss Call”. Hurry because I imagine this thing is already full, or will be in a matter of hours.

Click Here to Sign up for the Tele Conference Call.

17 August 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Google Kicks Me in the Nuts. Is the New Google Policy Good, or Bad?

You know the feeling. It hits you, but you endure the first intital pain. It’s that wicked feeling that creeps up on you a few seconds after you’ve actually been whacked in the gonads before you get the full effect. Well, that’s how I feel right now after checking out my Ad Words campaign on my latest underachiever product. I had 456 Keywords loaded up into a campaign, and today 455 of them went “Inactive”. I was left with 1 lousy word.

On another campaign I had blasted in over 1000 words, but today about 950 of them got jacked, and now they are requiring 2 to 20 times the amount per click to keep them running. Sorry Google, no can do.

Well, this shall be an interesting couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see what guys like Perry Marshall have to say now that the changes have gotten here.

I just got done reading Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash too. It was packed with lots of videos that made the entire Google process very easy to understand. I recommend it to anyone getting started with Google Ad Words.



PS: I had no idea Google was just an old lady with a mean karate kick.

PPS: I imagine there is some good opportunities this week to make a bunch of cash if your on the ball. While this Google shakeup is going to throw many campaigns askew, it has to open cracks and slivers of opportunities to make cash. Just think of how many affiliate campaigns probably got “Inactive” today, leaving a lack of competition and a great spot for you to be “Active”.

12 August 2005 ~ 2 Comments

“Michael Franti & Spearhead” Life Changing music for Peace and Love

Yes, it sure is Crazy Crazy Crazy the world we live in today. I’m absolutely amazed at how much people differ in their views of the world when we are all essentially the same. Well there is one thing that I doubt anyone can disagree about, and that is that Michael Franti has put together some absolutely beautiful songs that are incredibly powerful. Ok, some of you could disagree, but then I would have to say that you must be “EVIL”. It’s kinda like disliking “Bob Marley“.. You have to be a pretty wicked soul to not like Bob, and Michael Franti and Spearhead as well.

Listen to the 30 minute interview and jam session here.

Watch the video here.