11 November 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Las Vegas, NFL, and Sobriety

So I’m heading to Vegas tomorrow and I’m still on this Ejuva cleanse. I haven’t drank any alcohol in 15 days, and have been on the cleanse now for 12 days. Once Friday hits I’m only supposed to have one meal a day, and preferably raw/vegan.

The cleanse is actually going awesome. I’m not shitting out 15 yards of rubbery substance, but I probably don’t possess as many toxins as most folks. Who knows, maybe things will change going into week three.

Anyhow, it’s going to be interesting going to Sin City and being on my Sunday School behavior the whole time. It will be especially tough considering everywhere I go in Vegas I either get stuff comped or people are freely buying stuff for me right and left. But I’m stronger then that and will remain tough on the cleanse. The really rough part is the last week with “no food” and to top it off, it occurs during Thanksgiving at Kern’s house while everyone else stuffs their face with Turkey and the fixens.

So, I’ll probably play some poker tournaments while in Vegas, bet on some NBA, and maybe some NFL games. I’ve loved gambling since I was a little kid growing up in a billiard hall. Ah, them were the days.

Last week I had some amazing picks in the NFL. I picked 11 of the 13 games correct, and that includes the point spreads. You can see the picks at….


Not too shabby! Here were the picks…

Jax-6.5 Ten-3 NE-3.5 NO+1 Jets-9 Sea+8 GB+2.5 Car-10 SD-14.5 Indy+3.5 NYG+3 Balt-even SF+9.5

The only 2 games I lost were San Diego and New Orleans. If you know anything about football betting you can tell I had a great week with these picks. Hopefully I can carry that momentum with me through the Vegas trip.

I’ll upload my picks for next week as well.

Well, I’m off. Just wanted to brag about my bad ass NFL picks last week and keep up the mojo for Vegas tomorrow.


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