28 August 2010 ~ 15 Comments

How To Make $40K A Month With Your Blog

I make a decent amount of income with this blog, but it surely isn’t $40,000 a month like John Chow claims to make from his.

Much of this is my own fault, lack of split testing offers, and not being overly concerned with churning out a profit on this site. However, after seeing this presentation below from John Chow, it sort of makes me want to focus a bit more on increasing the revenue generated around here.

Blogger and marketing expert John Chow claims to make around $40,000 a month with his blog. This video was filmed at the Vancouver Business, Marketing & Entrepreneur Meetup Group where John reveals his blog/business model.

My Blog Business Model from John Chow on Vimeo.

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09 July 2008 ~ 15 Comments

Is The New Google Keyword Tool Over-Inflated Hype?

Yesterday Google updated their keyword tool and marketers are beginning to lick their chops in the SEO and Pay Per Click world.

But are they sizzling the steak too fast? Is this Google Keyword Tool just another inflated piece of hype or what? It’s a bit too early to actually give definitive data, but all signs appear that this is a good thing.

Of course my pal Ed Dale’s “Mind Has Been Blown!”, which is a common occurrence lately. But who can blame him with all the cool stuff coming out each and every week on the internet. The net changes faster then a infants diaper.

One guy who I really pay attention to for this kind of stuff is Jerry West. He made a guest blog post on John Cow’s blog about his take on the issue. Jerry really knows his stuff, and tests way beyond what the average marketer does.

His results? Well, he said the numbers appear to be inflated by about 2 times. Keep in mind, it’s still very early and I’ll be waiting it out before coming to any definitive conclusions.

Inflated or not, this tool still provides some very valuable data. It’s definitely not going to be as unreliable as the Overture Keyword Tool in my opinion as I think Google is much more on the ball. However, I think many people are going to end up wasting a lot of time trying to optimize for the WRONG phrases because of this tool.


Because they don’t do PPC or Pay Per Click first. Simply relying on the data that Google gives out and attempting to game the organic search results is a big mistake in my opinion. Here’s why… You need to test the “CONVERSION RATE” of that keyword before putting time and effort into organic SEO.

And the best way to test that conversion rate super fast is through running “Google Adwords”. You can get your data in a matter of days before wasting all your time with laborious search engine optimization. But most people are afraid of PPC, or can’t afford it.

It would be a shame to spend a bunch of time building links, creating Hub Pages, Squidoo lenses, and other web2.0 properties on a phrase that still doesn’t convert. And Google won’t give you that data with the new keyword tool. You gotta test it out yourself, or have some killer inside information.

Even my pal John Reese will tell you to test this stuff with PPC FIRST! Find out what is working, then go after the free side of Google. Not doing so can waste a bunch of time, effort, and money, because let’s face it, TIME IS MONEY.

So, it will be interesting to see how this new Google Keyword Tool turns out. I have a lot of faith in Google and their tools and am excited to see the developments with this. Any more data has to be good, and Google is in the game of giving relevant info. That’s pretty much their motto.

The internet is sure moving fast, so buckle up, because I have a feeling lots of marketers are going to be breaking some speed limits on the information super highway during the next few weeks.



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