13 June 2009 ~ 14 Comments

The Facebook Vanity URL Debacle

Everybody was excited to learn that Facebook was going to allow users to now use “Vanity URL’s”. And when I say everybody, I really mean a few Facebook users and a whole lot of SPAMMERS!

Right this moment, spammers are running rampant on Facebook claiming up every popular name they can. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are actually affiliated with the name or the company, it’s just a big time online land grab. And Facebook has done very little to even stop it.

My profile has been jacked by some dickhead named Jake Smith. My buddy John Reese got his snatched too. Same with Frank Kern. And same thing with just about every popular marketer who didn’t sit around at the stroke of midnight last night to claim their name.

I’m assuming Facebook will give us the vanity URL’s back. At least they better. If not, Jake Smith is in for a world of hurt if he ever tries to use my name to gather traffic to his page.

If you don’t know what a vanity URL is, it’s basically just a shortened version of the URL. Right now, my personal profile URL is long and ugly. Virtually impossible to remember when it looks like this… http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=634453082

A vanity URL looks like this http://www.facebook.com/jasonmoffatt (which I should be the rightful owner of).

I’ve sent Facebook a message and sent the squatter a message. Hopefully it will be rectified soon. If not, I’m thinking of going Tony LaRussa on them as this is pure bullshit they allowed this to happen so easily.

I reckon they have a huge problem on their hands right now. There must be massive amounts of spam vanity URL’s at this moment, and growing by the minute. Facebook should of put some precautions in the way to make sure spammers didn’t have a wide open field to abuse people, companies, trademarks, etc. etc. So far, every vanity URL I’ve seen is a impostor.

If you haven’t gotten your own vanity URL yet, you may want to log into your Facebook account and see if it’s still available. That is if it hasn’t been snatched by some scum sucking low life bottom feeder.

Best of luck.

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