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  • Doug Archer says:

    Dear Jason:

    I ran into you by accident on the internet. Thanks for the birthday message. I love you and your dog. I love chocolate cake. Thanks.

    I’m a prostate cancer survivor, and prostate information geek. I love anything “prostate.” When I saw you on “YouTube” for the Prostate exam check,I feel in love with your message. You were hilarious and serious at the same time. My message to you, my friend, take of your yourself and your pristate…your prostate will give you many years of fun and enjoyment. Believe it or night, I miss my prostate. I’ve lost my friend, to cancer, it’s that sad.

    Thank you for everything. You have a gift of knowledge, with the gift of speech. I should be so lucky. Keep the information videos comming. I’m here to receive your knowledge and antics.

    Sincerely, YouTube Friend,
    Doug Archer, San Diego marston5000@yahoo.com

  • Hi Jason,

    Never knew your story before this vid.

    You deserve all the success, my friend!


  • I came here on a link for your “cried wolf” post… enjoyed very much your inspirational video bio. A very American success story! I am very curious: what IS the “todayism movement”?
    Cheers, Jaime

  • Bud says:

    yo J- dawg, that’s quite an amazingly incredible very inspiring story you really dug your way out of a hole that almost seemed endless! its guys like you who forge ahead through nearly insurmountable odds that give us all more reason to keep pressing forward until we reach our own “tipping point” I borrowed that from Amit Mehta
    really appreciate you sharing that story with everyone bro way to getter done! now I know I can do the same & forget about the cares of how will I pay the next bill keep on keepin on Mofo, your friend, Bud

  • Hey Jason,
    Okay so now I’ve found this page I can write my review on you. well more like a profile so my visitors can have a look see and the people who inspire me.

    Anyway thanks for making this video, Law of Attraction strikes again seeing as this inspired me when I needed inspiration.

    Thank you again,

    Adil “Split Pistons” Amarsi

  • Jason says:

    Great Video Jason!!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us… Very inspirational

    Not to mention a heck of a lot of interests and skills!!

    Thanks again

  • Lee says:

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting story.

  • Rosalyn says:

    Jason, during that first Challenge I knew you were going to be a star. You were so prolific in posting (I think more often than Ed!)and you provided so much value to all of us who were just trying to keep up with the daily lessons. So I’m not surprised you were able to move out of the ‘hut’ and onto the ‘high life’.

    Your success is well deserved. Just shows what knowledge, combined with action, can produce. (And having a friend like Frank doesn’t hurt).

  • I have found you, well your jasonmoffatt.com site about 2 years ago and felt that there is something about it and about your personality.

  • Mady/Joshua says:

    Hey. I am a university student going to my last year that hasnt made a single penny online. My dream is to pay for my last year of uni and my brothers 1st year of uni.

    Do you have any advice for some1 like me?

  • Jason says:

    Hi Jason, From reading your bio you sound so similar to me, I have tried so many businesses to see what I find fulfilling and can make money at.

    I also find Tony Robbins Cds the most inspiring and motivating to get back to basics and work out what I want to do with my life.

    I am also an internet entrepreneur trying to support my family in these hard times.

    Best of Luck

  • Daniel says:

    Hey Jason,

    It’s great to see this video and get a peek behind the scenes of what made it all possible. Been following your work online for a while now but didn’t realise how you’d found your way into the world of IM. It’s always interesting to see the story of how people forged their careers online.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Cassandra says:

    Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the video. It’s always nice to hear a story of victory! :0) Well done for not giving up and for remaining focused on your internet business to fulfil your dreams. Being committed is essential, but having a team and a mentor to support you is everything! Thanks for the encouragement.


  • Rod Beckwith says:

    Hey Jason,

    Very cool video and am glad that you are going to help others. Hit me up if you need anything.

    Take care,

  • Rod Beckwith says:

    Hey Jason,

    Pretty inspiring story and I am glad your are going to be helping people make a real business online. If you need anything assistance, lemme know.

    Take care,

  • Danny Cutts says:

    Pretty smart video there 🙂

    I did the same 30 day challenge 🙂 It was awesome… I have not made it as big as you yet but live quite a cushty life 🙂


  • Pat says:

    Jason, you sound like a guy I would like to have a few beers with.

  • Rick Nuske says:

    Hi there from Adelaide, South Australia

    My name is Rick Nuske and I have heard a stack of cool stuff about what you do through Matt Lloyd, another Australian smashing the online world of business.

    This is kinda just a quick hello (hello!) and keep on surf’n!

    Here’s to Your Success!

    Rick Nuske

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