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Jason Moffatt is a former private detective turned internet marketer who uses his skills of keen observation and deductive reasoning to pinpoint the easiest paths to success online. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs in the health & wellness field along with those in the personal development space. Jason believes we’re all a work in progress and that each day presents an opportunity to be a little be better than the last.

Sep 09

Just Do It

By Jason Moffatt | Personal Development

just do it - the work

I’ve only bought one pair of Nike’s in my life. I was 12 years old. It was the beginning of 6th grade, and my mom wanted to buy me some bullshit Pro-Wings from Payless, but there was no way in hell I was going to let the kids at school see me sport some knock-off […]

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Jul 10

All We Are Is Dust In The Wind

By Jason Moffatt | Blog

dust in the wind

Like many of you, I’ve often wondered… “Are we alone in this universe?”. My hunch has always been no. Surely there’s something or someone else out there. 2 days ago, I saw this video of a super-high resolution image of Andromeda from the Hubble telescope. My hunch is now about one million times stronger. Check […]

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Aug 15

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

By Jason Moffatt | Blog

Ever heard of Lou Piniella Disease? Yeah, me either. But I figured I’d have fun with it anyways. My buddy Ori Bengal tagged me to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise money for ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s disease. To be honest, I didn’t want to do it but I’m a […]

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Apr 20

Luckiest Scuba Divers Ever!

By Jason Moffatt | Entertainment

This may be some of the coolest GoPro footage I’ve seen in a while. It really makes me miss being in the water with all the critters. [vimeo width=”600″ height=”450″][/vimeo] Seal Of Approval Filmed on location in the Farne Islands, UK with the help of Sovereign Divers. Here’s a link to where they were

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Nov 01

Sitting In The Woods

By Jason Moffatt | Blog

Sometimes I just sit in the woods and lounge under a tree. I’m not doing anything in particular other than being. I just sit there, watch my breath and thoughts and eventually slip into no mind. Maybe I’ll pick up a pine cone and smell it and get lost for another 5 minutes. Then my […]

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Apr 16

Skip The Hotel & Try AirBnb

By Jason Moffatt | Travel

So I’m supposed to fly out to Chicago tomorrow to celebrate my birthday in Wrigley Field with a bunch of friends. Being the slacker that I am, I still hadn’t booked a room for my first two nights in town. So I headed to Expedia to try and reserve a room somewhere in the Wrigleyville area. […]

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