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By Jason Moffatt | Entertainment

Dec 16

Funny Friday – Kyle’s Cult

Over the last year I’ve had the opportunity to closely work with one of the most genius comedians you’ll ever run across. His name is Kyle Cease.

Loyal readers of my blog or those that know me via social media surely know who Kyle is. Since I started really getting to know him he’s transitioned his career from just being a stand up comedian to being a motivational and keynote speaker. His latest college tour has had a tremendous impact on thousands of students as he speaks about his own anxiety and panic attacks he used to suffer from.

Over the last few months we actually put together a product that helps people to rid themselves of panic attacks. You can check that out at if you like.

However, today is Funny Friday and talking about panic attacks really isn’t all that hilarious. So, lets move onto something that is chuckle worthy, something like… Kyle’s Cult.kyles cult podcast

Last year Kyle went through some incredible changes in his career. He used to run a program called Stand Up Bootcamp with Louie Anderson, and in the process of doing that he took on a ton of criticism from many comics. Many of them were downright malicious and total dicks accusing Kyle of all kinds of crap they knew little about. The misinformation and hate was astronomical and really gave me some insight into just how miserable many comics are in their lives.

However, throughout the whole ordeal I got to witness him become a warrior when it comes to his mission in life. At first the criticism and hatred bothered him. Then he used it as fuel to grow into a battle tested soldier of the stage. To this day he continues to help comics and people in need of a better life advance their dreams and aspirations.

Most comics agree that you can’t teach people to be funny. And that was never the goal of Stand Up Bootcamp. Instead, it was a avenue to help people get in touch with who they really are, so they can let that shine on the stage. You pretty much have to see it in action to really understand.

Well, you are in luck because you are about to see that right now. Well, I lied. You won’t see it, but you will be able to hear it on podcast #19 of Kyle’s Cult.

Many people wonder what it would be like to do stand up comedy for the first time. For most, it’s a very scary feeling. And rightfully so. You’re looking for validation or laughs from the crowd about every 20 seconds. If you fall flat on 2 or 3 jokes, five minutes can seem like an eternity.

In this episode of Kyle’s Cult, Kyle and Diego are broadcasting from a club in Denver. During the podcast, he brings up a student and has him do his first ever set from the stage. But it’s after the set that the magic starts. You’ll get to hear first hand how Kyle transforms this guys act into something that comes from his core instead of a few jokes written from his head.

Watching Kyle work with students is such a treat because he gets so submerged into the process and really helps to dig out the gems in each comedians personality. You gotta listen to truly understand.

Listen To Kyle’s Cult Episode #19 By Clicking Here.

Click Here To Access All Of Kyle’s Podcasts.


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