Colin Buchanan & Raw Revelations

By Jason Moffatt | Health

Dec 11

Sunday Spotlight: Colin Buchanan & Raw Revelations

This is the first edition of a new thing I’ll be doing every week called Sunday Spotlight. Each Sunday I’ll highlight one person or company that I think is worthy of praise and recognition. So let’s kick it off…

Yesterday I took a quick drive down to the Temecula Farmers Market to pick up some smoothie supplies and say hi to Colin and his wife Marilyn.

Colin is a great dude that I’ve run into a few times at Raw Food events and every time I’ve seen him he always has a beaming smile on his face. He also is very educated about nutrition and super foods as you’ll see in this brief video clip.

Colin’s website is called Raw Revelations and can be found at

He creates a variety of custom blends of superfoods that will knock your socks off. His Charlie’s Chocolate is one of the best raw chocolates I’ve ever had. And don’t even get me started about the Heavenly Hot Chocolate drink. BLISS!


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Facebook comments:

  • Very nice! I am a raw food eater and am especially now sorry that I am not in Southern Californie. In case you have a look at my raw-website: Yes, I eat steaks raw. And now it is the time for “blood sausages”. I love them and of course I am eating them raw. Many people wrongly believe that eating raw means being vegan. I think that everything one can eat raw is made for human consumption and this includes meat and fish.

  • i think i’ve found a new favorite blog… thanks for the post!

  • Wayne Walton says:

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    Details at occupyOurMoneyDOTcom.

  • Mariam says:

    Love raw living foods. What also keeps my immune system strong are the medicinal herbs and mushrooms. Reishi and Chaga go into my mid morning drink.

    Jason what did you use to edit the video, I like the intro and ending.

  • Marilyn says:

    Hey Jason, thanks for this awesome clip on us. Wanted to mention we have a new much easier to use website.

    Marilyn Buchanan
    Raw Revelations

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