Detox – Cleanse – Day 7: Happy Friends

By Jason Moffatt | Health

Jan 25

It’s been a week since the beginning of this transformation and detox. Today is all about ridding myself of the last few people who constantly spew negativity into the air. The truth is, I don’t have many people at all in my life that I consider negative. I’ve done a great job of surrounding myself with incredible people. However, there are a few lurkers that need to go.

In todays video, Jairek Robbins and I talk about trying to only say nice things to people and leave the garbage where belongs, in the garbage. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. Of course I don’t always live by this rule and I’m guilty at times of picking on people (it tends to happen when you crack a lot of jokes), but I’m trying my best to only spread good thoughts about people, even the ones I may not like.

Okay, time to go do some paddle boarding with Jairek.

Jairek Robbins SUP

Jairek SUP on Mission Bay

Jason Moffatt SUP in Mission Bay

J-Mo in Mission Bay


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