Jason Juices With Jack Lalanne Power Juicer & The Vitamix

By Jason Moffatt | Health

Dec 21

Wellness Wednesday – Jason Juices

I got an email from Diego today saying he edited this together while waiting for a flight at the airport in New York. We were testing out some stuff with the Canon 5D Mark II and thought the bright colors of fruit and veggies would make a good test video.

Well, here it is…

I get quite a bit of email asking for smoothie or juicing recipes. I personally don’t follow any rules or recipes. I just throw in a bunch of fruits and veggies. And today, that’s my recommendation to you. Don’t worry about recipes. Just eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can and keep it simple.

I do however use honey, frozen blueberries and bananas to sweeten some things up. If interested in some great smoothie and fruit drink recipes I recommend checking out Victoria Boutenko’s book Green Smoothie Revolution.


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