Maori Deep Tissue Massage

By Jason Moffatt | Health

Apr 27

I enjoy getting massages. I mean, really enjoy it. In most instances I’d opt for a massage over sex. Yeah, I like being rubbed that much.

So a few weekends ago I was at my buddy David Wolfe’s Longevity Conference in Costa Mesa California. While on stage David mentioned something about the Maori tribe and their excellent body work. I didn’t really hear what he said, but caught something along the lines of “Best Massage Ever”.

I tend to defer to David’s opinion a lot. It’s always helped my life, so why not give it a shot?

During the day I met the Maori healers and they seemed really nice, genuine and had big smiles. I like that 🙂

So when I walked into the back room and saw David being stretched out on the table by the Maori healers, I wanted to give it a shot. As I entered the room, a gentleman asked… “Are you ready”?

I replied… “I was born ready. Lets do this”.

Little did I know what I was in for. Typically I’m a bit of a sissy when it comes to deep tissue massage. My shoulders are pretty sensitive and I yelp like a baby if you hit one of the knots on my back.

What happened was way beyond “deep tissue massage”. It was downright painful. Incredibly painful. I couldn’t believe I was willingly letting these folks cause me to scream mercilessly while they stretched, twisted and pushed different areas of my body.

I had this slight pain in my abdomen that had been lingering for weeks. Ata asked me where I had been traveling. I mentioned a few places, but when I said “New Orleans” her eyes opened wide and she said… “You must of caught something in New Orleans”. She then signaled for the large tattooed guy to give her some assistance.

They began pushing on my stomach and I was letting out ferocious screams. I think I now know what child birth is like. Never had I felt that much intense pain at once. And remember, I’m willingly accepting it. Crazy!

After the massage was over, I felt light headed, a bit dizzy and almost confused. Being jacked up on superfood smoothies for days and eating little food may of contributed to the feeling. I also felt extremely humbled and grateful to finally deal with this pain in my mid section. The pain didn’t go away immediately. In fact, my stomach felt almost bruised and in a bit more pain then when I went in. However, 2 days later I felt better than I had in months.

The Maori Super Deep Tissue Massage was definitely a intense experience. I wouldn’t suggest it to everyone. Many of my friends opted to receive some treatment as well, and each of them was equally tripped out from the intensity.

One of the cool things about the session was that everyone was in the same room. There was 3 healers, and 3 people being worked on. The attitude in the room was very cheery and playful. Everyone chatted with each other and it made the vibe very pleasant. Admittedly, it was a bit weird when I started screaming and hollering. I didn’t want to be a buzzkill on the others nice massage. (They weren’t whining like a baby like I was).

To get a glimpse of what the massage is like and who the Maori healers are, check out this video by the Certified Health Nut…


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