Uncle Mofo Has Got His Mojo Back!

By Jason Moffatt | Health

Feb 27

A few days ago I sent many of you an incomplete email about a head injury I had suffered. Today is the first day I’m finally feeling back to 99%, so I thought I’d finish up those thoughts in a blog post and a video about the journey I’ve been on.

During the last 40 days I’ve had an immense amount of clarity about my life purpose, my relationships and the direction I want to take my businesses. Those of you who have known me for any considerable amount of time probably are aware that I operate my business sort of like a racquetball bouncing to and fro. Thankfully it’s been a very profitable racquetball, but not always very structured.

After getting my head somewhat clean, and then dizzying it up again by giving myself a concussion I’ve had a lot of time to think and plan my next moves. And I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited. In previous blog posts and videos I’ve talked about how marketing and business doesn’t motivate me that much. Well… I think I may have found something that finally kicked me in the ass and has got me in gear!

It’s about time.

Over the next few weeks I think you are going to notice a lot of different changes in myself as a person and how I operate and run my businesses. I’ll have courses geared towards newbie internet marketers, and some very advanced stuff for seasoned vets who want to increase their already flourishing businesses. I’ll also be diving into the world of helping others with health, diet and exercise by teaming up with some incredible experts that I simply cannot wait to introduce you to.

I feel like making a Stella Has Got Her Groove Back reference, but I have never even seen that movie, nor do I know what it’s about. But let me say this… “Uncle Mofo Has Got His Mojo Back!”

Get ready y’all…


About the Author

Jason Moffatt is a former private detective turned internet marketer who uses his skills of keen observation and deductive reasoning to pinpoint the easiest paths to success online. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs in the health & wellness field along with those in the personal development space. Jason believes we’re all a work in progress and that each day presents an opportunity to be a little be better than the last.

Facebook comments:

  • Doug says:

    Yep you already look different on the video!


  • Jesse says:

    Dude! I dont remember reading, or hearing, how you sustained a head injury. Glad to hear your back nearly %100 bro. Head injuries, or (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injuries are nothing to take lightly. I’m happy that your neurologically intact & got your mojo back Jason. I’m looking forward to anything you put out man. Seriously.
    Much love.

  • Matt says:

    Thanks for sharing, I would love to follow your path. 40 days with no “blues” (my thing) and to go all raw, that’s quite an accomplishment! Thanks for sharing and I think you are one of the most genuine people out there and it is going to take you very far.
    – Matt

  • bruce says:

    Sounds like a great improvement, keep at it, it is keeping the RV in gear

  • Matt Greener says:

    Looking good, your energy is contagious!

    By helping others live a better life, we end up helping everyone. The effects multiply. Hope to hear more soon!

  • mark says:

    Hey Mo,I’m interested to see where you go not just with the new business and internet training, but the nutrition and fitness end of it, which has been important to me since my early 20’s.

    You do so much to help others even with a positive post or video,not just helping people make more cash.

    Peace to you and others in your tribe.

    Mark in Cold As a Bugger Canada

  • Rich says:

    hey brotha…good for you.

    It’s amazing how once we clean all the resin and alcohol from our brains that things become so much clearer. And the head thing..ouch.!! Yeah seems like it’s going around. I slammed into a tree while snowboarding a few weeks ago and was shooting blood from my head like a horror movie. So I know how you feel on that end.

    Looking forward to your new stuff coming out. I’d like to see some of the more advanced stuff you got.


  • Dr Steve says:

    Hey. You sound and look great. Just gotta keep that MOHO from knockin’ the MOJO out of uncle MOFO.
    Take care and best wishes!

  • scottie says:

    Yes it appears your back into your realm. Look forward to latching the seat belt. As you know its not how many or how hard we fall, its getting back on the horse again. Cowabunga!

  • Sig Kappel says:

    Hey Jason.
    did you year of head scans by Dr. Amen.
    He’s got some products to help any brain damage that you incurred.

    Brendon Bushard hit his head and is on some reconstruction supplement program through Amen.

    Yeah dude.. take it easy

  • Kevin Pirnie says:

    You are on great journey to an outstanding future! Always wishing you the best of success in all aareas of your life.

  • Joseph says:

    OMG, I *see* the vibrance and I *hear* you! You look great! Plus, almost all of your philosophy could have come directly out of my mouth; especially about being motivated to do better so I can help/teach others. I see in you what I *wish* I saw in me. There’s this glass wall I can’t seem to bust through. Maybe it’s “raw”. I’m noticing a pattern of people who eat raw being really vibrant and happy. Keep getting it together! You’re showing me I *can* do it too…if I could just find a big enough hammer…!

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