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By Jason Moffatt | Entertainment

Apr 07

About 6 weeks ago I was in Florida and chatting on Skype with my buddy Larry. Larry asked me… “Hey, are you going to come to David’s Longevity Conference in Costa Mesa next month”? Considering I was about 3000 miles away I didn’t really see it happening.

However, I was drunk and in a pretty shitty mood that night. So I said… “Yes, I’ll be there”. And at that exact moment I decided to stop drinking alcohol so I could arrive 28 days later clean and serene. Sometimes I make instant and impulsive decisions. Well, most of the time would be a bit more accurate.

I enjoy living in the now and making my own rules as I go along this game called life. And at that moment, I was done with alcohol. I wanted something more. Something better. I also missed my friends and surfing immensely. The decision to head back west wasn’t a hard one to make.

My intention heading back to California was simply to take a break, power up and help Randy get some grounding with the whole internet business so he could support himself on the road. Then we’d be back on the highway exploring new stuff.

But after my first surf session with the guys, I realized that I love San Diego way too much to leave for long extended periods of time. All that time on the road sure made me appreciate my home. I guess the saying… “Absence makes a heart grow fonder” really is true.

Life in San Diego is just grand. Nothing compares. My peer group and friends here are the best anyone could ever dream for. The sun is almost always shining. There is almost always waves that are begging to be ridden and don’t even get me started about the massive abundance of cuties. I’m confused why any single man would live in Wisconsin or North Dakota after one glimpse of what California beaches have to offer. It’s pure heaven.

So are you done with your road trip Jason? That’s the question I keep getting asked.

The answer is NO. I’m a not done. I’ll be back out on the road again soon enough. However, I really felt like I needed to establish a home base. While on the road I was losing thousands of dollars each month by not having a stable internet connection and having access to many of the tools I need on my desktop computers.

My RV was insanely cluttered too. I packed way too much stuff. Now that I’ve emptied it out I have much more of a desire to get back in it. Also, my dog Webber seemed to miss home a lot. Hanging out in the RV for too long sort of bummed him out. Of course he loved pissing on new items all across the country, but I could tell he missed home too.

I also have a few clients that I need to help support and it’s sort of tough to do that on the road when you have a iPhone and shitty AT&T service. So it just seemed like a good move to get a apartment here in San Diego and figure things out as each day passes.

So, a full month had gone by and I didn’t touch a drop of booze. When I attended David Wolfe’s Longevity Conference I experienced the highest highs ever. I had been doing a dietary cleanse

Jason Moffatt & David Wolfe

Jason Moffatt & David Wolfe

the entire month and was down to only one meal a day before I got to the event. Once I arrived at the event I survived mostly on just smoothies alone. These smoothies and lack of food had me floating on cloud nine. I’m talking super jacked up.

Doing that sober streak was really worth it. I maximized that experience big time. After the conference was over and I had a full 30 days sober, I celebrated with a burrito, a Tecate and margarita. I didn’t feel one bit ashamed either. Of course it took away the vibrant glow and aura I had built up, but I see no point in feeling bad about myself.

Since then I really haven’t had a huge craving for beer or liquor. The memories of feeling so buzzed at the Longevity event reminds me that there is a better way to get high than drinking alcohol all the time. That doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy a cold squeezer on the beach from time to time, but getting sloshed has really lost it’s appeal to me. I’m sure it will become instantly appealing the next time I’m out on the dance floor with a hottie at 2 am though 🙂

My real reason for doing the sober streak and attending the Longevity Conference is because I’m about to turn 35 in two weeks. Truth is, I’m a bit scared of getting old. I know 35 isn’t old, but I’m freaked out about not having the physical endurance and stamina that I had in my twenties. It is my goal to be in the best shape of my entire life during my 35th year.

Surfing, a healthy diet, playing with my dog, Valslide exercises and some good loving is going to be the key to a amazing year.

Also, I watched a documentary a few months back about the brain and the effects that alcohol has on it. It scared the shit out of me. My biggest asset in my life is definitely my brain. My wits and quick thinking have provided me a life I never even dreamed was possible. I definitely don’t want to push the limits and kill every brain cell in my cranium. I still have some work to do on this planet and it’s going to take some clear vision to accomplish these things.

Anyhow, life is great. My dog is awesome. Friends are doing well. Business is good, even though I don’t even really have a business anymore, and I have a big crush that takes up 50% of my thoughts. Nothing like being giddy over a sweet lady.

I plan on putting up a few of my products onto Clickbank very soon now that I have a stable spot locked down. Affiliates have been asking me to do this forever, but I’m a silly slacker who’s not entirely motivated by money.

I’ll probably need a new virtual assistant to handle customer service though since Ryan has left to work with his church. The lack of having a assistant around has really curbed my desire to create more work or customers. It honestly stresses me out to deal with that kind of stuff, but I’m going to do my best because I know so many people want and ask for this info.

I’m also involved in a few niche products with friends that need some time and attention. I’m excited to create some more products away from the “how to make money world”. I think these new products will bring a lot of the fun back into marketing for me.

So, that’s just a quick recap of where I’m at, and what I’m doing. So many people had been asking so I thought I should clear the air.

Air cleared.

I’ll be back on the road someday soon. I still have a mission to fulfill. And I want to see Fenway Park. And Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park, and the Naked Cowboy at Times Square. I want to see it all. Including seeing you.

Til we meet, stay safe and smile.



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Jason Moffatt is a former private detective turned internet marketer who uses his skills of keen observation and deductive reasoning to pinpoint the easiest paths to success online. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs in the health & wellness field along with those in the personal development space. Jason believes we’re all a work in progress and that each day presents an opportunity to be a little be better than the last.

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