For Those That Missed Frank Kern’s Mass Control – Update

By Jason Moffatt | Marketing

Aug 16

Okay, here’s a post launch update on Frank Kern’s “Mass Control” launch.

My email box is crammed with people saying… “Dude, I didn’t get in”, or… “I’m so pissed, I couldn’t get the page to load”, and a variety of other angry messages from those that didn’t get the chance to get Frank’s stuff.

It’s easy to understand their frustration when the order page was pulled down less then 15 minutes after noon. But when something is gone, it’s gone.

Yesterday, I made a few tongue in cheek jokes about Frank’s inability to do simple math and that he could of sold 5000 of these things easily if he just left the order page open a few more hours. I was puzzled why he did not. After a awesome celebration dinner at Nobu last night and some detailed grilling sessions, I now understand why.

Sure, Frank could of pulled in a few more thousand orders. However, that would inevitably SWAMP his staff. If his staff gets swamped, they can’t adequately take care of the first 2000 existing customers. Ever tried to take care of 2000 customers? Give it a try sometime.

Yes, he could hire more people, but that takes training, and a lot of work to get trustworthy and effective people in place. So, after discussing this with him, I think he made a good move. The last thing he would want is not being able to serve his customers in a timely fashion.

And, he did say the entire time that this was a “marketing test”.

John Reese made a great post on the Warrior Forum stating just this. He said…

I know this may come as a ‘shocker’…

But Frank was just doing exactly what he said he was doing. He was running a TEST. The reason why he didn’t pay a ton to print up 10,000+ of those packages is because this exact offer for him is UNPROVEN. It’s very risky. (Especially with the “you don’t even have to send it back” guarantee.)

It’s very possible that Frank could end up losing money on this whole thing. And if he had offered it to more people the losses could really add up. So I think he did the smart thing and offered it to a decent size to give it a test. I’m sure if the stick rate makes it profitable then he’ll do it again with a much higher limit.

But again, this is another one of those marketing events where people are looking for things that don’t even exist. Sometimes it’s not that complicated. As I said, in this case, it’s simply a test. There wasn’t some calculated evil scheme to quickly throw up a “SOLD OUT” sign so it would generate more money for some “Stage II” sneaky plan that’s being cooked up. He did a great job on the marketing, created a huge buzz and demand, and tons of people took him up on the great offer quickly. That’s the ONLY reason it had that result.

-John Reese

And I can testify, Frank was purely testing this offer. He had no idea how well it would do, and still has no clue. After the first round of billing the test results will become much more clearer.

From the periphery, it looks like a massive success. But there are a ton of things behind the scenes that many of you don’t see. So time will tell. Of course, Kern is going to be fine, rich, and surfing everyday regardless. And hopefully one day he will open this offer back up. I don’t know. And he wouldn’t give a definitive answer last night.

He’s a patient guy. He’s also a very fair guy. And despite me making fun of him for bad math skills, he’s a freaking wizard when it comes to making money. I guess many of the affiliates just wanted to keep on seeing the sales pile in.

Anyhow, awesome job Frank (as usual). And I’m sorry for any of you that missed the chance to get in yesterday.

I will be sure to update you on any possibility of Frank opening this back up. If he does, you’ll know right away.

Okay, gotta run and catch a cab. I left my car at the surfing headquarters last night after drinking too many Mojito’s at Nobu. And, it’s “Surf Time”.




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