Mini Site Secrets Webinar With Jason Drohn

By Jason Moffatt | Marketing

Dec 09

Mini Site Secrets With Jason Drohn
Tuesday DEC. 13th 9PM EASTERN

Last week I got a heads up from a good buddy and JV Broker Andy Hussong about a webinar that people were absolutely going BONKERS over! Andy always has his nose to the grind and ear on the line about what’s moving and shaking in the online marketing world. Friendship with Andy has it’s privileges.

Since we are both heartbroken Chicago Cub fans, and mutual pals, I always get juicy insider information about what’s going on behind the scenes in the marketing world and what’s really working.

Andy told me… “Dude, you gotta check out what Jason Drohn is up to with his Mini Site Secrets program.” Trusting Andy’s advice and intel, I said “Sure, let’s see what he’s got”.

Within minutes I was emailed access to Jason’s members area for Mini Site Secrets. So I logged in, perused around, watched a few videos and was like… “DAMN… This is thorough and well done!”.

Jason Drohn Mini Site Secrets

This is just a small screenshot to show the layout inside the members area.

Everything is super clean and concise. It’s easy to follow and literally walks you through the ABC’s of setting up simple content sites that make money via FREE online traffic methods.

For some reason, lots of people seem to be abandoning the idea that small niche sites can make you great money online. I don’t know where this silly rumor started, but niche marketing is far from dead. I’d go so far as to say that it will never die. There will always be people interested in specific and weird niche ideas. Always.

Anyhow, after going through his site and watching the videos for a few hours I knew I had to let people know about this.

Here’s why…

It’s totally newbie friendly and it’s exactly what you need to do when setting up niche income streams online. It’s plain as day and sitting right there for the taking. This is the kind of thing I LOVE to promote because it’s the real deal.

So, I told Jason to hit me up on Skype and within minutes we started chatting. Jason-Drohn-Skype-Chat

We hit it off right away and it was obvious Jason knew his stuff. So, we talked about setting up a webinar so you could view exactly what it is he’s up to and how you can mimic it yourself to make a nice chunk of money.

However, before I agreed to the webinar I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t going to be a pitch fest and that Jason was going to actually teach us something on the call. Also, I didn’t want it to last 2 1/2 hours.

He said the webinar is fairly short at 1 1/2 hours after all Questions and Answers at the end, and he promised that he’s going to walk us through a LIVE demo of his exact system to make money online with these Mini Site Secrets.

Here’s what you can expect to see and learn on the webinar…

A simple, easy to follow formula you
can steal that is guaranteed to produce
income for you.

– The #1 way of making money online LONG
TERM whether youíre starting from scratch
or youíve already got some experience
under your belt.

How to pick out hot products to sell so
you get MAX commissions…

– How to RANK HIGH for the search terms
you want to rank for, in no time flat!

The number one free traffic-getting strategy
that he uses in his business to pull in
thousands of people to his sites, and
hundreds of people to his list each and every
day, and it doesnít require a DIME!

– Ö Plus a lot more :0)

I’m stoke, and hope you join us this Tuesday.

Click Here To Register For The Tuesday Webinar.


Jason “Profit” Moffatt

PS: I’ll be giving away a FREE BONUS to a random person on the webinar valued at over $5000.00

All you have to do is show up for the webinar and you’ll be eligible to win! So make sure you’re here on Tuesday evening…

Click Here For Tuesdays Mini Site Secrets Webinar With Jason Drohn



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