Sunday Spotlight On Rebecca Geiger

By Jason Moffatt | Marketing

Dec 18

A couple weeks ago I was having breakfast with my mushroom picking buddy Jay Bergers III (that’s the third, not 3 I’s) in San Francisco and he asked if I knew Rebecca Geiger?

“Heck ya” I replied. “She’s the awesome girl who made me a custom hand drawn QR Code t-shirt.”

She literally hand drew, with a Sharpie I’m guessing, a QR code image that directs to my website onto a shirt. What a cool gift! I was very thankful for such a thoughtful present that obviously took a bit of time to create.” jason moffatt rebecca geiger

I first remember meeting Rebecca at John Carlton’s “Action Seminar” in San Diego. It’s quite possible we met before that, but this is the moment that really stands out in my mind.

I can’t recall why Jay had brought her name up, but I remember it being about how much of a sweetie she was and that she would do just about anything for her friends and loved ones. And these are the type of people that I want to bring to your attention on the Sunday Spotlight.

I barely knew Rebecca except for our brief interactions at the seminar and via our Facebook and online friendship, but for some reason I could really tell she was a gem, a great person, and someone who I will now blog about on a Sunday Spotlight.

This is how cool she is… this snippet about her boyfriend was taken from her Facebook profile… “I really love my boyfriend Colin, I am very grateful he is in my life. If I lined up 1,000,000,000 men in a row and had to pick one.. it would still be Colin.”

How darn sweet is that? He beat out a Billion dudes! That’s some serious love right there.

Anyhow, it’s quite rare to run across someone who puts in such effort to connect with others in the world and I just wanted to say thank you to Rebecca for making a lasting impression on myself and others in our community. You are a rock star girl.



PS: You can check out Rebecca’s site at When I get back home I’ll snap a picture of me wearing the t-shirt that Rebecca made me and add it to the post. 🙂


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