Why I Left Millions On The Table

By Jason Moffatt | Marketing

Jul 02

Some of my friends think I’m a lunatic for my recent actions. Others that know me a bit closer understand why I make the moves I do.

Good Times At Disneyland!

Good Times At Disneyland!

The truth is, I make the majority of my decisions in life depending on how much fun is likely to result from that action. I’m way more concerned about having a good time than just about anything else. And it shows on my Facebook wall, in my Gratitude Diary, and in my every day life. If a particular task or job does not bring some level of enjoyment to me, I usually quit right away.

Case in point would be a few recent projects I was a part of online. These projects brought in more money in less than 30 days than I had ever experienced making in an entire year. But there was a big problem. I wasn’t having any fun doing it.

Despite the fact that tens of thousands of dollars were rolling in on any given day, I loathed the idea of selling more high priced products that I knew lazy pipe dreamers would never do anything with. It sucked. So I quit, and walked away from millions of nearly guaranteed dollars to instead screw off in Hollywood with my friends.

Was this a smart move? Financially it was borderline moronic. Spiritually, it was the only move I can see myself doing.

The cold hard truth is, I’d rather make $500 a day doing things I thoroughly enjoy over making $5000 a day doing something that brings me no joy. I’m just not very motivated by money. Sure, I do enjoy money and all the things it provides, but it’s not a big driving force in my life. I’m more concerned about things like friendships, playfulness, and new experiences that push me to grow.

Here’s where things get really good…

Even though I’ve forfeited a almost certain chance at making millions upon millions of dollars, I’ve actually made the most profitable decision overall. You see, I’m in this internet game for the long haul. I have a name and a brand to protect. I estimate my brand to be worth an easy $20,000,000 at least. I don’t have financial proof to back up that statement at this point, but in my heart I know my true value and what I bring to the table.

Just because I’ve sacrificed one money making opportunity does not mean there won’t be another right around the corner (trust me, there are more than I can count sitting right in front of my eyes right now). And by sacrificing certain projects and businesses I’ve actually opened the flood gates to a tidal wave of new opportunities.

Sometimes when you let go, you become the recipient of so much more. And this has been my experience way beyond just business.

Even though I had deep sorrows from recently separating from the girl that I loved with all my soul, left a business that was about to make me filthy rich, and dropped all kinds of personal attachments I had been clinging on to, this has been the greatest month of my entire life.


Because to me there are obvious rights and wrongs in life. And when a particular experience is not bringing out the very best in me, I know it’s time to move on in search of my core self and to find my true path.

So that’s what I’ve done in multiple avenues of my life. And the excitement couldn’t be any higher for me at the moment. I’m so pumped about what the future brings, and am entirely open to the new experiences that will teach me to better serve, connect and engage with others.

There’s one new project in particular that I’m ultra hyped about and I’d like to invite you to join me in exploring the fun and overwhelming profit potential in this field.

I’m talking about making apps for iPhones!

I have a handful of buddies that are making really good money doing what they love… MAKING GAMES and SIMPLE FUN APPS! Well, let me clarify that. They don’t actually make anything. They just come up with the ideas, and outsource others to create the games and apps for them.

Once I saw this model, I flipped out. “I WANT TO DO THAT”… I screamed. And that is exactly what I’ve started to do. The reason I’m so pumped is because this business model is easy, matches my core values, and is super fun! That’s what I’m talking about.

Learn To Make iPhone Apps

Learn To Make iPhone Apps

Right now my team is working on a app that will help raise a ton of money for drug abuse prevention and educate people about the horrendous affects of some toxic substances out there.

It’s truly serving people in a way that makes me feel great. And raises money for charity, and will even put honest and admirable money in my pocket. We’re talking win/win/win/win scenarios here.

Anyhow, I really would love for you to come join me and my buddy Trey Smith on July 5th as we discuss this new business model in further detail. We’ll share with you an opportunity I believe is the wave of the future and has me so excited I don’t even care about the fact I’ve left millions on the table in my last internet venture. This is going to be way more fulfilling.

So here’s the details… (MARK THIS DOWN)

July 5th, 5:00 PST (8:00 East Coast Time)

Sign up for the webinar by going to… http://www.jasonmoffatt.com/apps/

Plan on being on the call for about 2 hours and we’ll explain the whole model with you. I promise you’ll be excited about what you see (especially when you see the dumb app that has been making over $8000 a day. Seriously, it’s so incredibly easy)


Chance To Win Free iPad 2

Chance To Win Free iPad 2

On the call we’ll be giving away an iPad 2 to a lucky winner just for being on the call. All you have to do is show up.

WARNING: There is only 1000 seats available for this call. GoToWebinar maxes out at 1000 people and this call will fill up. Also, I can’t promise a replay because the recording function at GoToWebinar is very unreliable. I’ve botched many of them. So make sure to reserve your spot and show up on time by registering at…

Sign Up For How To Make iPhone Apps Webinar

Sign Up For How To Make iPhone Apps Webinar


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Jason Moffatt is a former private detective turned internet marketer who uses his skills of keen observation and deductive reasoning to pinpoint the easiest paths to success online. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs in the health & wellness field along with those in the personal development space. Jason believes we’re all a work in progress and that each day presents an opportunity to be a little be better than the last.

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