What Is My Soul Purpose

By Jason Moffatt | Personal Development

Sep 16

What Is My Soul Purpose?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately.

On the periphery it may appear to others as if I have the perfect and idyllic life. It seems I’m always surfing at the beach, traveling around the world experiences new places, hanging out with incredible people, learning new things, reaping the benefits of passive income on the internet, etc etc.

Admittedly, my life has been very very good. I have no complaints.

However, I’ve been underachieving most of my life. I have not pushed myself to my greatest potential and I’m coming to a crossroads in my life where I’m beginning to see that I was put on this earth to achieve so much more.

In the process of asking myself “What is my soul purpose” I’m admittedly having a hard time knowing exactly what it is. And because I don’t have a definitive answer at this exact moment, I believe this may be the one thing that is holding me back from achieving greatness at a level so far beyond anything I’ve ever felt.

Sure, I’ve made a ton of money online. Sure, I’ve had incredible relationships, partnerships and connections with brilliant and amazing people. And yes, I’ve always been a overall happy go lucky guy who’s enjoyed his life immensely.

Still, I can’t help but feel that I’m not excelling in the way I was intended to when put on this earth. I know there is so much more to this life, so much more potential within me, and more abundance and opportunity within than I’ve ever given myself credit for.

Are you clear about what your soul purpose is and why you were put on this planet at this given time?

Are you fulfilling that destiny or just aimlessly wandering around taking up space and resources?

I’m convinced that when I can put my finger on exactly what my soul purpose is, I’ll pass this metaphorical threshold that I’ve been stagnantly loitering in.

During the last couple weeks I’ve had some of the most eye opening experiences of my life. The people that have come into my life and heart have helped push buttons within me to ask much deeper questions of myself.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I am setting the intention to ask much better questions of myself and those around me in order to fulfill our destinies.

I’m pretty sure I’m really close to understanding what my soul purpose is. I don’t want to let my ego get in the way and pretend I know exactly what it is just yet. Let’s just say I’m really really close. And when I become concrete and solid about what exactly that purpose is… WATCH OUT … because this ride we call life is going to be kicked into hyper drive.

Strap on the seat belts, because I have a feeling this is going to be one heck of a wild ride!



PS: I wanted to extend a gracious and heartfelt thank you for so many of you that continue to uplift and push me in so many ways. I feel all of you are a sort of extended family that I truly care about. Whether or not I’ve actually met you in person, or communicated with you online, I’ll always want the best for you and want you to achieve your peak potential as well.

As my friend Drew Canole always says… “We are in this together” and I fully believe that to be true.

So let’s do this!


About the Author

Jason Moffatt is a former private detective turned internet marketer who uses his skills of keen observation and deductive reasoning to pinpoint the easiest paths to success online. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs in the health & wellness field along with those in the personal development space. Jason believes we’re all a work in progress and that each day presents an opportunity to be a little be better than the last.

Facebook comments:

  • Art says:

    Your destiny not only lasts for this life but beyond.
    Eternity –
    Is a destiny –
    find it now?
    Pray and ask God to forgive you for all of your mistakes…
    If you do you will be on the right track to reaching all of your potential.
    What have you got to lose try it if you haven’t already.

    • @ Art – Got my “Get Out Of Hell Free Card” in church camp when I was 12. πŸ™‚ Thanks for chiming in buddy.

      • Andrew says:

        I can’t tell if you are kidding or not. But from what I’ve learned about God, I don’t believe there is a “get out of hell free card”. While I don’t claim to know everything about God, I don’t believe that’s the way God works. I believe it is about having a relationship with God and loving and serving others throughout your life, not a one time “sinners prayer”, it is a life long journey. It is a wonderful life, that’s not about how much money you can make or how much you can party, it is about living your life for God and investing in something that will not fade. Just my two cents.

        Matthew 6:19 (“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.)

        • @ Andrew – 100% serious. I asked the lord to come into my life as a child and just for good measure I repeat it every few years or when I feel it necessary. The monopoly analogy was sort of a joke, but yes, I was being serious.

  • Theresa says:

    I can so relate, I have been doing a lot of the same q&a with myself lately. A lot of yeah, I am good at that, ehh I don’t like that, been there done that … and also feel a lot closer. Just taking the time to really narrow stuff down to the core, and the stuff I have just glossed over for a long time. In some ways being told I can’t come to So Cal right now, was a plus because it made me re-think a few things and desires πŸ™‚ (still pouting about CA primate laws though)


  • Stephanie says:

    Hi, Jason.

    I ask myself this question pretty much every day. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

    Your soul’s purpose is whatever you want it to be.

    What makes you happy? What makes you feel vibrantly alive? What do you want to do?

    That’s it.

    The universe wants from you what you want to bring it.

    We’re so wrapped up in our own thoughts and “issues” that it’s tough to see the obvious. You’re already attracting exactly what the universe wants you to give, in the form of the questions people ask, the customers you have, the opportunities that present themselves…maybe even the comments that get left on your blog posts. πŸ™‚

    Our soul’s purpose is constantly evolving, unfolding, being discovered and rediscovered. In short, you’re already in it, dude.

    I’m sending you my virtual support in pursuing whatever makes you really and truly happy, as I do the same. Let’s go for it!

    • Pete says:


      How can the universe ask, call, or give anything. What is it you call the universe. This is so confusing.

      • Stephanie says:

        Hey, Pete. That’s a very fair question. Sorry for using such “New Age” lingo.

        By “the universe” I simply mean, everything.

        You probably have certain people who always seem to ask, need or talk to you about the same thing. Or particular situations that come up again and again in your life.

        That’s “the universe,” people and things, responding to who you are and what you do.

        There’s a pattern because of who you are and how people and things respond to it. That response provides an opportunity for you to meet those needs, answer those questions or help those people.

        Quick example: wherever I go, people end up telling me about their dreams. Usually business or career dreams.

        Why does that happen? Because I’m passionate about helping people discover what they really want and make it happen.

        When these people come to me, they’re automatically responding to who I am and the gifts I have to share. These people (in a sense, “the universe”) is asking for my help and participation. It’s an opportunity for me to explore my soul’s purpose.

        That’s what I was trying to say. Sorry for the confusion. πŸ™‚

  • alan says:

    Your purpose could be…

    …to do that which excites you the most…

    …or to focus on “connecting” – connecting to people things and more…

    …or maybe it’s just to simply grow and change?

    I’ve heard people say a good way to listen to your heart and access intuition based thinking is to go on a walkabout…

    …just you and mountains for a few days with no humans for miles.

    Tried that on your spiritual journey?

  • Al H says:

    I spent much of my earlier life just doing what I wanted and loved most. For me, a change occurred when I realized that I wasn’t put here … I chose to come here. And I had planned my journey before I arrived.

    I believe that when our soul (actually we are the soul) takes a physical body it goes through a sort of amnesia. Otherwise, life would be much like playing a game where we already knew every move and every outcome … would make the game a bit boring don’t you think?

    If you follow your heart, not your head so much, you’ll travel the path you came here to travel. I believe my soul’s purpose is to learn and grow from the experiences I have as I go through life.

    I personally have gotten a lot of clarity & answers from listening to Jim Self at http://masteringalchemy.com/ .

    As you move forward, hope you’ll share your discoveries … that might be part of your soul’s purpose, since you’ve been doing just that for some time now… quite well too.


  • Allison says:

    To learn to be a higher form of soul, to be unconditional love, understanding, kindness, compassion, honesty, etc., takes honest searching of who we are vs. who we aspire to be. It is simple but not without struggle. Being aware of how we function on a daily basis is essential. Love your enemies, serve others. I have found valuable articles at http://www.digitalangeldonnadj.com/dbarticles.html

  • Chris Hughes says:

    When you figure it out, I’d love to learn more about how I can do the same. I’ve been asking myself questions like this a lot lately as well and am struggling like crazy to answer them.

  • Jeremy G says:

    Jason, this really is the ultimate question isn’t it?
    I think that just the process of asking can be enlightening so firstly never stop that enquiring mind of yours.

    I agree with AI H above who commented that we don’t just come here, but that we choose come here to learn and evolve. And as time is simply an illusion of this physical plane, we have an unlimited number of lifetimes through which we can return until we achieve our mission. The spiritual amnesia that was mentioned is essential, I think, otherwise we would be terribly confused about who we are in this particular lifetime. And if we fully understood exactly what we needed to do, we would just go do it and there would be no point in being here.

    So I believe therein lies the clue. It’s the unfolding mystery that serves us and assists our evolution. Not knowing it all and being comfortable with that is part of the game. Its the free will of this life thats makes us all so unique and wonderful.

    Bottom line, your purpose truly is whatever you want it to be. You and you alone can choose what you want your life to be about. You’ve done it already up to this point, and the evidence is that you are here now. It was all your choice, all you. Always has been always will be.

    Someone may now argue that choice is an illusion… A topic for another day.

    I think your purpose is to surf and be happy. Why complicate it.


  • Pete says:


    I read a lot of confusion as to who we are why we are here and how to get the answers. So much of them seem to be saying it is all in ourselves or we chose the place we are at. If this is true why do we need to ask these questions? Our why do we not feel fulfilled in just ourselves?

    If you can look up into the sky at night and truly believe all you see came from nothing(the big bang). then you are on your own (good luck). If you see there must have been a creator and this creator has placed a spot in your soul which yearns for the answers and direction. Then go beyond the step you made as a child and renew every few years. Ask for direction and to be shown what your specific purpose is. You were made who your are for a reason. He said if you lack wisdom ask and it will be given to you.

    Each of us is special and have special gifts and talents and each should find his soul’s purpose and kick it in hyper drive.

    Move on up,


  • Haydn says:

    Hi Jason,

    This man revealed my soul purpose and that of all whom he has consulted with. I agree that once you know it, life takes on brand new meaning: http://mindbodysoulfreedom.com/spiritualguidance.html


  • Steve Beedie says:

    Jason, So good to hear you asking these very important questions of your self and your life. Nothing matters more. After i had my life changing experience when i went to war it changed the direction of my destiny forever! I spent years asking the wrong questions and when i almost lost my family i began asking a more powerful set of questions! It changed everything. I found what i was looking for and i know based on your post you are set to do the same! It takes a real man to be honest enough with himself to actually see his real path in life. Well done mate!

    There is a really cool book called “Soul Prints” by Marc Gafni

    Might be worth a wee look

  • JubilantJohn says:

    Donwload Dan Millman’s app for the iPhone. He’s the “Peaceful Warrior” My clients find much relief when they understand their Soul’s Purpose as he explains it faster than you can read this. Easy to understand. Even the troubled teen next door found it helpful… app entitled “Peaceful Warrior Life Purpose” for $9.99 just dial in your birthday and read several short pages. No learning curve like in his book!

  • Matt Greener says:

    100% with you on this one Jason. You can try stuff out and be passionate for a time, but until it’s truly “what you were meant to do”, it will never be completely fulfilling. Maybe fulfillment doesn’t come from one activity or source, but through the journey of trying to find it? I don’t know yet either…

  • mark says:

    I don’t know Mo. I don’t think there is any concrete answer to that question. Even people who help scores of others daily may also be at a crossroads as to what their purpose is.

    Just do something you like, and if you help others,that’s a bonus.

    Think of it this way Mo. Most people who come to North America, come here because they can live a better life and the chance to prosper and help others. While most of us schlubs who have lived here for scores of years continue to think the world owes them something.

    It doesn’t. Even if you make millions a year or make 20 G’s a year,help someone along the way and your life wil be enriched 10 fold. There is no perfect job or business. Stop the bullshit people.

    Mark in Canada

  • Matt Morgan says:

    The purpose is to understand and learn new things, and to teach others.

    One purpose is to learn and to reject and not do negative values (such as hate, jealously, anger, bitterness, lying, manipulative, backstabbing)

    But instead to love with happiness, honesty, smiling, laughter, encouraging others in a positive way etc.

    Other purposes is to connect to others, go into a higher conscious self, and keep going higher. There is no limit, infinity.

    We should also encourage others, and help them without expecting anything in return.

    So, does any one want some help with their marketing? hehe,

    Matt Morgan

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