Jimmy Riha & Bros Skateboard 50 MPH Downhill

By Jason Moffatt | Sports

Sep 08

So it was Labor Day. I was on my way to get a adjustment at the chiropractor and I saw this group of 3 guys getting ready to bomb Nautilus Street atop of La Jolla with their skateboards.

I figured it would be a great time to test out my new iPhone video camera function so I pulled over and waited for them to start their descent down the hill. And I’m glad I did. These guys ended up skating well over 50 miles per hour while mashing downhill.

I wanted to get closer so I could get a better shot, but I also didn’t want to run over one of the guys in the unfortunate event that someone biffed it. And towards the end the guy in the back started getting some speed wobbles. You can see him separate from the pack a bit.

Anyhow, once we got to the bottom I told the guys that I had filmed their session and I’d post it onto YouTube. So Jimmy gave me his email address and asked if I could give them a lift back up the hill so they could have a do over. Sadly, I was late for my chiropractor appointment so I couldn’t.

So, when I got home I decided to Google Jimmy’s name to see if he had any other videos of him skateboarding. Sure enough, he did. Apparently he’s sponsored and rides for a team called the Arbor Collective. The Arbor Collective uses environmentally friendly natural materials to produce snowboards, skateboards, and bamboo apparel.

Here’s a couple more videos that of better quality that really show these guys skills…

Check out “The Arbor Assault Video” by clicking here.

Here’s a clip of the Arbor guys shredding in Venice Beach.


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