Mike Vick Beats The Dog Shit Out Of Washington

By Jason Moffatt | Sports

Nov 16

Mike Vick killed it last night. No, no, no, not the dog. I’m talking about the pummeling he and the Philadelphia Eagles put on the Washington Redskins during Monday Night Football. Vick threw for 333 yards that included 4 touchdowns and rushed for 80 yards with another 2 touchdowns. He threw no interceptions and had no fumbles. Pretty stellar game I’d have to say?

Mike Vick

Vick Dogging The Redskins

Which got me to thinking…

After the atrocious acts of animal cruelty, and being a overall punk thug is there any level of growth that Vick could reach to make supporting him a option for animal lovers like myself?

I’m a huge sports fan. I also believe in giving people second chances in life. I enjoy seeing people grow into mature and giving adults especially if their background is spotty like mine was while growing up. It seems only fair to offer people the chance to rehabilitate themselves and then give back to society in a way that helps overcome their original sins or crimes.

But for some reason it seems near impossible for many to forgive Mike Vick because of the graphic nature of his crimes. Dog lovers cannot forget those horrid images they saw, and I’m one of them. As much as I want to try and forgive a player who appears to have deep remorse and has done immense work on repairing his image and lifestyle, I still am not ready to let the dude slide.

It’s quite a conflicting feeling too because I love sports so much. Watching Vick light up the field last night was beyond entertaining. And hey, I even hate the Eagles since I’m a Cowboys fan. I actually found myself rooting for Vick last night quite a few times because I couldn’t deny the sheer athleticism and abilities he has on the field. That may of been one of the most impressive showings for a quarterback of all time on Monday Night Football.

Being a football gambler I am able to set aside personal emotions and just root for the games. But once the clock wears down in the 4th quarter and the final buzzer goes off, Vick is once again just a dog killer to me. Others hate him so much they can’t even fathom rooting him on or off the field.

So I got to thinking, is there anything Mike Vick could do that would make me forgive him for what he’s done to those poor dogs?

How about you?

Is there any way possible for him to pay his debt to society, be forgiven for the lives he took, and be seen as a positive role model for people who want to look up to him?

I’m very curious how others feel about this. Please let me know in the commetns


About the Author

Jason Moffatt is a former private detective turned internet marketer who uses his skills of keen observation and deductive reasoning to pinpoint the easiest paths to success online. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs in the health & wellness field along with those in the personal development space. Jason believes we’re all a work in progress and that each day presents an opportunity to be a little be better than the last.

Facebook comments:

  • Shane Hunter says:

    He needs to do more than just apologize and fix his image. He needs to legitimately turn a new leaf. Half his salary for at least a year to animal shelters would let me know he’s truly repentant.

    1/2 I say? Yeh… WTF Why not? 800 G ain’t that much for someone about to renew for 5.6 million. It’d make a difference to thousands of animals, and truly give his ass penance imo.


  • David Jehlen says:

    Yeah, he can take a chunk of that huge, new contract that he will be signing at the end of the year, to start a new non-profit bringing awareness to animal cruelty, resources to help rescued dogs and perhaps education and rehabilitation for those idiots who get joy out of hurting animals for the pure fun of it.

  • Jack Connors says:

    Jason, Same as You,, If some one ran him over by a what ever, I, like you,I think everyone deserves that second chance,except for a feww,and animal lovers will understand with NO PROBLEM! But there are a few,and thats 1,,Sorry Every one has there Option!!!,Killing a Loved One,is falling into the same catagory,Because Our animals are Our Sons and Daughters,, Sorry for the Rant!!Just to close to the heart subject,,,,,

  • Addison says:

    Nope. There is nothing “HE could do” for “YOU to forgive” him. Forgiveness and grace and all that jazz is an internal thing. If I “wronged” someone, and I was truly and honestly sorry, all I could do was communicate that the best I can… then move on. It’s not my deal anymore. I’m sorry… done. The deal is now internal on someone else. That’s it.

    Kinda like the whole anger thing… where being angry at someone is kinda like swallowing poison and wishing the other person to die. Life is too short. Can’t change the past. It was super shitty (understatement). He has apologized and even went through “society’s” punishment… etc. etc.

    Nothing more that he can do.

    My thoughts… Let it go. Know he has a past, and route for him to do much better in the future. He may still redeem himself…

  • Vick has some serious Karma-burning to be done by the sounds of it. I have not seen any of the carnage that he caused but profiting from the needless death of anything is definitely uncool.

    As well as donating time and money to Animal Shelters I feel that a good move for him would be set up a foundation for under-privileged kids wishing to become Veterinarians – he can then perpetuate the healing of animals for generations to come.


  • Ted says:

    I gotta go with Carlton on this. I believe he is a sociopath with the smarts to know what he has to do for the public in order to earn a paycheck with his god given talents.

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