Feels Like The First Time

By Jason Moffatt | Travel

Feb 18

I’ve got a Foreigner song stuck in my head. Okay, I really don’t. I just needed a smooth intro for the title of this blog post.

So I picked up the RV from storage at Campland By The Bay. It’s been sitting still for almost 6 months now. The house batteries have been drained. She’s severely in need of a good wash, and requires a few repairs. The Norcold fridge has another recall, and I did a bit of damage to the side mirror when visiting Mike Morgan in



Coeur De’Alene last 4th of July. I don’t recommend 4×4-ing and navigating through narrow trees on a dirt road in a 38 foot diesel rig. Learn from my mistakes.

Since I hadn’t driven the RV in many months it was a bit nerve racking to jump back in the drivers seat and crank over the engine. At first, it appeared if it wasn’t going to start. Oh no! Dead battery? Thankfully after a couple of chugs if fired over like a champ. I adjusted the mirrors and hit the gas. Off we go!

It only took a couple seconds and it felt like old times. I was back in the saddle. The nerves went away quickly, but they do serve as a great reminder that I’m driving a really big vehicle and with that comes a lot of responsibility. I don’t take that lightly, especially when I share the road with other people.

I drove the RV to my place atop of Mt. Soledad and parked it out front. It feels nice to have my baby at home with me. I’ve missed her.

Once I had her parked I dialed in an extension cord from the garage and plugged in the shore power. Time to recharge. I also had to fill the batteries with some distilled water as they were pretty dry. Thanks to the help of a turkey baster it makes the process a bit easier. I kind of have a feeling these batteries may be towards the end of their life, but I’m unsure. I’ll have the mechanic check it out when I get the fridge recall fixed next week. The part is ordered and on the way.

While I had the rig charging, I couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights and a few of the other electronics on. It was weird. The fridge, television and microwave worked, but not the radio and any of the lights. I was puzzled. I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t working.

Then I remembered the master power switch. Duh! Yeah, it really did feel like the first time again. After a while I familiarized myself with everything and I felt like an experienced RV’er again.

I’ll be moving the rig up to Santa Clarita area north of Los Angeles. It’ll be stored in a safe lot and it only costs $95 a month. Hard to beat that. I’m thinking of doing some northern Cali trips this summer. That’ll be fun. Lana has never seen the Redwoods and I’m sure she’d love to see their beauty.

The thought of selling the RV has occurred to me and I did place a Craigslist ad offering to trade it in exchange for a down payment on property in Hawaii. I got a couple of leads, and a really good offer on a cute house in Chehalis Washington, but I really didn’t follow up that well with them. If I really wanted to sell it I guess I’d put it on eBay as that seems to make the most sense.

However, I think I’m gonna keep the baby. No, that was not a Madonna lyric. The RV is here to stay.

Anyhow, I just wanted to give a brief RV update because I know a lot of you enjoy following my travels and reading the stories I share. I’m pretty sure I’ll have some more stories and travels before the end of the year. I still need to see a bunch of the states in the northeast part of the country. And I’d like to do the entire Florida coast as well.



PS: My buddy and former RV traveling companion Randy Primm AKA The Road Bandit has just set up a new campaign to try and raise some money to get back on the road. He’s using a cool service called IndieGogo that uses a thing called Crowd Funding to support each persons personal mission.

Randy’s mission is to get back out on the road and to film the next season of Road Bandit. If you have a business or person that needs exposure, wants a commercial made, or just wants to watch a kid on some crazy travels check out his IndieGogo campaign and flip him a couple of bucks!

You can check out Randy’s campaign for the next season of Road Bandit at http://www.indiegogo.com/roadbandit/


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