RV Tales #1 – Good Thing I’m Insured

By Jason Moffatt | Travel

Nov 20


So I’ve driven the RV a total of about 60 minutes so far. Both times while trying to park I’ve created a bit of damage.

Nothing major, but it sure is a hit to the ego and confidence.

First issue… I was trying to back into a super tight space between two other rigs. It was too small for me to comfortably make it. While exiting the spot, I nudge against the top of a camper.

No damage to the camper, and just a minor paint blemish on my rig.

2nd fiasco…

I decided to park the RV out in Vista for a few weeks. Paid a guy $250 off Craigslist (I said I was in deep with cops in the ad so it would scare away tweekers) and drove it out to his place.

The first mistake was pulling over on the side of the road with a bunch of trees overhead. The branches beat against the roof and I’m sure had a hayday with the Satellite receiver.


Then, as I was pulling into his driveway there was very little room to wiggle between the cyclone fence. Add that to the fact it was a steep incline and things got really tough.

While going up the drive way, the backend went so low that the trailer hitch was digging into the cement of the road. In fact, I ripped out a 2 foot by 4 inch gash in the middle of the asphalt.

While the hitch was digging up concrete, the back wheels were spinning and burning rubber.


Finally, I backed it out, drove up the road, made a crazy back up move and turned the beast around.

Once again I tried going up the drive way. This time with success. At this point I was unaware what I had done to the street.

The air was ripe with the smell of burnt rubber.

Double shit!

Then, I realized I couldn’t get this damn beeping sound to go off while the rig was running. If it was in drive, or reverse, the beeping kept going. Only putting it in neutral would stop it.

Triple shit!

It was after this I realized I had excavated the country road with my trailer hitch and in the process I ruined the portion that you connect the electrical to when towing.

Gonna need to bring out a RV Expert too teach me how to run everything.

And oh yeah, the radio stopped working.

Quadruple shit!

And oh yeah, sometimes the generator will start. Other times it won’t.

I don’t even know how to say 5 shit!

O, what a long strange trip it’s been. And it hasn’t even started!


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