Miramar Beach Florida

By Jason Moffatt | Travel

Feb 25

I made a a stop on the Gulf Coast of Florida because I was duped into believing a surf report that some ridable waves were in the future. I should know by now that putting my faith in the surf forecast is a bad move.

The waves came, but the only ridable ones were at about midnight on Sunday evening. A wicked rain and lightning storm hit at about the same time. If I weren’t afraid of sharks, and had a buddy with me to surf I may of tried a night surf. Not this time.

Despite missing out on the surf I have had a pleasant time hanging out in Miramar Beach. There isn’t a whole lot to see here other than the white sand beach, but I was fine with my stay.

One cool thing I’ve been experiencing is that people at RV Parks are super nice, adventurous and love to share travel stories. Most of them are retired older folks, but they have the spirit of a 12 year old playing little league. They really enjoy fun. And I’ve really enjoyed getting to know quite a few of them as well.

Anyhow, I loaded up a few photos from my iPhone and a couple vids from the camera and made this quick Animoto video. If you’ve never used Animoto, give it a shot. It’s super easy and pretty fun!

Oh, hell yes baby. Some micro waves actually came the day after I put this video together. They were only knee high but I was able to yank out about 12 of em. Not too shabby. It somewhat cured my jones for a couple of days at least.

I think in the next day or so I’ll head down to Cocoa Beach and try to score some waves with my pal Eric Farewell. Wish me luck.


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