RV Tales #2 – Examining The Damage

By Jason Moffatt | Travel

Dec 01

If you read the last story about me parking the RV you’d know that things didn’t go so well. Battling a sloped uphill driveway in a 38 foot diesel pusher isn’t the wisest idea.

The thought of backing it out the same way it came in wasn’t too grand of a visual either. Surely the trailer hitch would dig into the street and with momentum traveling backwards, I couldn’t foresee a good future in that approach. We needed to turn this rig around.

So, my new Craigslist buddy Brent hopped in the driver seat and proceeded to back that baby up like an old school bus driver. (Stoked to have him there). He turned the RV around in a dirt field abutting the driveway and headed back down the sloped runway.

We knew the trailer hitch was going to scrape the cement again, it was just a matter of how much. Luckily, it wasn’t much. A few scrapes. However, this damn beeping noise would just not stop. I had to drive home for 30 minutes with the annoying sound of … beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep… I think you get the point. It almost sent me to the crazy house.

Half an hour later I was just glad to get the rig home. From there, Brent showed me how to work the power, the generator, inverter, heat, AC, the tv, vcr, and… the “water system”. I put “water system” in quotes because we had a little problem with our friend Mr. H20.

While connecting the hose to the public water spout on the RV things seemed fine. Until I heard the scream. “Turn it off, turn it off” came the screams from inside. Apparently the water filter under the sink has some corroded o-rings, or something like that. It started leaking liquid and black charcoal all over the floor.

Good thing the floor is tile. And super good thing I had a bunch of towels in my car a few feet away. (Bonus of being a surfer. Lot’s of towels). So, I need to get a new water filter thing. Hopefully Camping World can help me out with that. I have a appointment for “RV Orientation” day next week. I want to learn all I can, and it’s only $49! Cheap  🙂

We also got the annoying beeping noise to go away. When I scraped the wires on the electrical hookup last week, I think it blew some fuses. The brake lights were out, along with a few other fuses. Once we changed those, the ride was back to normal.

It sure is a whole new world learning about these things. But after today, I feel much more confident about my abilities to navigate and live comfortably in this home on wheels. And when you see the Stevie Ray Vaughan VHS tape play on the TV, you wanna crack a cold one and chill.

Much to learn. Much to see. And much to be thankful for.



PS: Good Sams Club contacted me today after I ranted to them about denying me as an affiliate. Smart move Good Sams Club, smart move!


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