RV Tales #3 – One More Day

By Jason Moffatt | Travel

Dec 14

The adventure is getting closer and closer. In one day, I’ll be on the road like Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Willie Nelson and Randy Primm!

Who’s Randy you might ask? I’ll tell you more about him in a moment.

Anyhow, I finished up my second day of RV Orientation at Camping World. The folks at the San Marcos branch were just phenomenal. All of them. They couldn’t of been more helpful and patient with me.

We fixed the leaks in the plumbing system, got a new water filter and repaired the blown out hoses in the propane lines. I’m afraid of propane myself. I learned how to turn on my heat (yea) and how to get hot water into the shower (double yea). I’m pretty confident I can make it out on my own, but I may book another Camping World RV orientation in Oregon just for the hell of it. It’s only $49 and there is a branch about 10 blocks from my parents house.

So, the rig is pretty much ready to roll. The only major thing missing is a bad ass GPS system and satellite tv. I ended up getting one of those Mifi cards from Verizon for internet connections. Verizon by far has the best coverage across the country. Sadly, their internet plan blows like vampire toothed hooker.

For $59.99 you get 5G’s of transferable bandwidth. Being a video guy and all, I could suck that up in a day. If you go over the 5 G’s, you pay $50 per gigabyte of transfer. Talk about a rip off. Apparently the days of unlimited Verizon connections are gone. I’d pay good money to have one of those grandfathered accounts. So, it appears I’ll be stealing Wifi where I can along the way.

Everyone keeps asking… “Jason, where are you headed first”?

Here’s the sort of plan… Tuesday evening I’ll begin the trek north on Interstate 5 to Oregon. I figured I ought to spend some time with my folks for the holidays since I only see them about once a year. Then, I’ll head to Bothell Washington (just outside of Seattle) to see my biological father whom I’ve spent minimal time with in my life. From there, it’s open road.

I will be in Vegas around January 15th or so. And while there I’m really excited to meet up with a particular guy. His name is Randy Primm, aka “The Road Bandit“.

I somehow came across Randy’s site while perusing the net for crazy RV’ers. The moment I saw Randy’s videos I instantly dug the guy. “What a great idea” I thought to myself. I got hooked on his videos and proceeded to pretty much watch them all.

But then I got kind of bummed. Randy hadn’t been traveling much lately. Mostly due to financial woes. After seeing the enjoyment he had on the road, I imagined he was pretty bummed being holed up in his class C RV in Vegas parking lots.

So I had an idea…

We need to get this guy back on the road.

I noticed he had great video shooting and editing skills. Surely he could parlay that into some money on the road. Maybe I could help him out in some way? Maybe I could use a video guy like Randy on the road? I have been hinting at the idea of a RV gang. Or, maybe I could become a Road Bandit with Randy?

I’m not sure what is going to happen, but I’m very open to letting the universe provide me what is necessary on this adventure. Regardless of what happens, I know Randy and I can be an asset to each other. He has road experience, and I have hustling experience that can keep the gas tanks filled and the fridge stocked with grub and cold squeezers. It will be interesting to see what pans out. Either way, both of us are going to have some exciting times ahead.

So, instead of talking about this dude, why don’t I just share a video of his with you. It kind of breaks down the Road Bandit story. It’s entertaining, fun and inspiring. Inspiring enough for me to contact him and be willing to help him accomplish his goals. He seems like a great guy.


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