RV Tales #5 – Rain Sucks!

By Jason Moffatt | Travel

Jan 06

I’m in the rain capital of the world Brightwood Oregon. I think we got about 8 feet of rain this week.

The soaked carpets inside of the RV would almost back up my measurements. The fried screech of the TV also gives off clues that something ain’t right with the waterproofing above. That TV is toast. And so are my feet.

For some damn reason my feet are itching like crazy. I think it’s because I spend 90% of my life barefoot in the sun and all of the sudden I’m wearing socks and shoes in a very moist environment. The cold and wet sucks. I’m not a fan.

I need to head south. And quickly. I’ll be in the Portland area for a few more days to meet with a few clients and friends, and then I’m Going, Going, Back, Back, To Cali. A surf session is long overdue.

Then I’ll be off to Vegas to hook up with Randy Primm. Then the action starts. The guys at the InternetMarketingParty.com are urging me to come speak at the Feb 9th gig in Austin TX. I’m pretty sure that just may work out.

I got invited to speak at the Learning Annex in New York as well later in the spring, but I’m not sure if I can swing the dates or not. For some reason it doesn’t overly excite me. I turned down the gig at the San Diego Learning Annex for some reason as well.

I guess the main thing that I don’t like is committing to a date. That’s hard for me to do. Once I commit to a date I always feel some sort of uhhhhh, yeah commitment, that’s the word. I’m not entirely opposed to commitment but it really throws my care free vibe askew. Hence why I seldom commit to much.

Yesterday I did commit to spending about 9 to 10 hours working on a website that Kameron and I started last year. Lets see if I can finish the last 30% and get this baby live by the end of the week. That’s the plan. I’m a great starter, but a lousy finisher. Why are so many of us that way?

A few days ago I took a written drivers test at the Sandy DMV. That was kind of scary. I’d of felt pretty stupid if I failed. The clerk asked me if I read the book. I replied… “No”.

It was a multiple choice test. You need to get 28 answers correct before you miss 7. I got two questions wrong out of the first six. A 66% accuracy ratio surely wouldn’t get my license. Thankfully, I pimped out the rest of the questions and only missed 4 all together.

Lets see, what else is happening? New Years was a great festive time with a bunch of friends that I haven’t seen in a few years. It was a large family gathering and 2 day partypalooza. I had to cut out early. Lightweight.

Christmas was mellow with the folks and my brother. Santa brought me all the things I needed in my RV like a hand held vacuum, some tools and a new shaving kit. I tend to get all Grizzly Adams after a few days. I shaved my balls first though. (Hey, I thought blogging was all about transparency?)

I’ve lost a bit of weight over the holidays too. I’m still kind of puzzled how that happens because the amount of reps with the 12 ounce beer curls has surely increased. I think I must be eating a lot less because I don’t have a sweet lady around baking me cakes anymore.

Okay, I feel like I’m just rambling here. I’ve been meaning to make a blog post for a while but haven’t known exactly what to say. So I figured I’d just get on here and ramble a bit.

Missing Cali surf,



About the Author

Jason Moffatt is a former private detective turned internet marketer who uses his skills of keen observation and deductive reasoning to pinpoint the easiest paths to success online. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs in the health & wellness field along with those in the personal development space. Jason believes we’re all a work in progress and that each day presents an opportunity to be a little be better than the last.

Facebook comments:

  • Dude, the itch is definitely the socks and shoes. Same thing happened to me when I moved to Boston from Oceanside. Still get it actually.

    “I’m a great starter, but a lousy finisher. Why are so many of us that way?”

    That’s a great question. I often times find myself stumbling across a project that’s been idle for weeks or even months that I got about half way through when I started another one. I think it’s because I’m an idea guy and my mind tends to wander around different ideas. Wish I had a partner that was good a taking action.

    • Oceanside to Boston? What dirty car salesman sold you on that move bro? I’m sure Beantown is cool and all but…

      • Kinda got roped into helping a tech start-up company in Cambridge that has huge potential. The minute it is self sufficient, we plan to sell it and I’m off to Central America to open a surf camp. Screw the cold weather. I’m over it already. Need to surf again. Going insane!!

  • John Carlton says:

    Yo, JaMo — Brendan’s right. I went a year barefoot in college (my feet got so tough I could walk through snow no problem), only putting on sandals when forced to (like in restaurants) and rarely shoes and socks.

    Your feet are a major “release” point for your body — sweat, ions, vibes, hormones, heat, etc., are all constantly being excreted. The skin adjusts to whatever environment you subject it to the most… and while the sea/sand/lawn/pavement combo in San D can make feet all happy, the high humidity of constant rain can funk ’em out.

    One piece of advice about your trip: At certain points, you may tell yourself “this ain’t fun”, because you’re stressed, or wet, or lost, or whatever. Ignore that thought. Later, you’ll look back on all your road trips with fondness. You just can’t tell what memories will end up defining the stories you tell and remember… but be sure to not let the bullshit overwhelm the good stuff as you go through your adventures.

    Good luck to ya. I’ve gotta make that Austin party soon, too… let me know if you commit to any of their dates (it’s quarterly, isn’t it?)…


    • That’s great advice for all of us Mr Carlton. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Yep, was just having one of those moments. I’ve actually had a few since the start of the trip. But I’m aware that you have to take the bad with the good and it’s all about witnessing the ride and not getting too emotionally bent on anything or anyone.

      And lets face it, there’s a lot of great stories in the bad shit happening. So I’m open to it all but I think I’m due for some good days ahead.

      Feb 9th appears to be the date I’ll be in Austin.

      • Like my Dad always says, “It’s your journey.”

        • John Carlton says:

          My epiphany: When I was 29, I found myself once again homeless, living out of my car, looking up friends along the coast (from San Diego to Seattle) and sleeping on couches… driving, alone, through storms, into small towns and big cities, living close to the edge and thus experiencing life in a very serious way. (And listening to the radio all night long as strange scenery shrouded in shadows slipped by…)

          I was keeping a journal. And I wrote: “This is awful. I’m near despair, scared, broke and have no plan on what to do next. I’m lost and ruined. Don’t you DARE look back on this and think any part of it is fun — it’s NOT.”

          The punchline: Not even a year later, I was telling great stories from the trip (it was months-long)… and looking back, I realized I’d had a blast.

          I was just too bummed out to realize it… when I stopped to write in the journal. Every day was 90% movement — you gotta stay frosty when you don’t know where you’re sleeping that night — and 10% thinking about how miserable I was. The movement resulted in adventures, funny stories, great life experiences… it was only the self-absorbed obsession on not knowing how it was gonna turn out that caused any pain.

          Despite the best efforts of my Inner Bummer, I chewed up life in great gulps and crawled through a self-made rite of passage that permanently changed me as a man.

          Our current thoughts are almost always complete bullshit. Smile at your whiny side, and nurture the part of you that can’t wait to engage with life some more…


          • Randy and I were just talking about the same thing. He kept saying that once you get on the road and start moving all the stagnant BS in your mind evaporates very quickly. I’m inclined to believe both of you. There’s too much exciting shit to see and do.

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  • GuruBob says:

    Just think of the less than steller moments of the trip as great subjects for future blog posts. People love to read about car wrecks and disasters it makes much more compelling reading.

    What was that about going back to Cali? Shit I thought the road trip had already started and you’re going back home already. Weak as.


  • Hey J-Mo! This is Gary, Long time fan here first time posting. I hope you don’t mind me posting a comment here off topic, but I think you’ll still find this a lil interesting (I think)…

    I just read the post that you left on Clicknews about her new product concerning building backlinks.

    I am an “Advanced Newbie”, I have Franks MassControl from April of 2008 (yes, that’s the one with you in it drinking beer while giving your presentation, that was a kodak moment to say the very least 😛

    I DO have something to say, but don’t want to step on toes, but here goes anyway… Like I said, I’m an “Advanced Newbie”, I have a blog that just recently was given a Google PR-2 with only 9 posts on the whole blog. My Alexa Rank is well under the 500,000 mark.

    I Cheered and rejoiced when I finally achieved PR-2 coz my blog went from 0 to 2, skipping 1, again… with only “9” posts (Good SEO I guess). As I was cheering, I was told that Google PR and Alexa is no big deal, only readers, comments and $$ in the bank is what matters.

    Your comment on Clicknwez intrigued me! What you said about building backlinks too fast / unnaturally etc. There seems to be (to me anyway) a contradiction in what’s being taught by the Guru’s! If Google PR aka- “Google Love” does not matter, then why is it such a big deal to aggressively build backlinks from PR-9, 8 and 7 sites? Another way to say it is, Why am I being told not to worry about Google PR, but then being told to buy a product to help me build backlinks from HIGH PR sites if I want to get… What?…Traffic?… Dare I say… In order to build my own “Google PR?”

    I was very excited that MY TINY little blog got a Google PR of 2, but was told “That’s nice Gary, but it’s no big deal”. And NOW I’m being told “buy this product so that you can get backlinks from high PR sites”.

    I sure would like to know and understand “what is what”. What do you think, what is your personal opinion?

    This was a long-winded attempt for me to say, I agreed and liked your comment on Clicknewz.

    Gary Anderson II
    aka- @GanderCo

  • Shaving your balls eh? I see the rubbing pepper technique that Wolfe recommended is workin for ya.

    I agree with JC. Some of the worst shit that’s happened in my life has yielded the best stories I’ve got.

    P.S. You’re feet are itching probably because of all that dirty foot sex you’ve been having with strange Oregon women.

  • Odry19 says:

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  • Jt Clough says:

    Hey Dude… ok, I’m in Taos, NM for the winter months with my man and the RV…. yeah, having the shoes and socks on thing… its weird and itchy for my Encinitas feet!

    Chatted with Kami the other day… on board for you to finish that product. It’s right up my alley… 🙂

    Am putting out one of my own… Canine Cross Training: Running Your 1st 5K… hammering out details… know exactly where you are!

    RV on… and San Diego as a base is the best!

  • Jt Clough says:

    Uhhh by the way… we managed to bust a pipe in the cold… water all over the shower floor, soaked through carpet… the RV thing… live and learn.

    Fixed now.

  • >