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  • stewart says:

    Hi Jason, i have just stumbled across your website after searching for reviews on Mass Control 2.0, here’s why, i quit my day job last year after succesfully setting up a real estate business in the UK (England), things were going very well, nice car, great house etc, last November got some real bad news, I had invested a 100,000 (about 175,000 USD) into a high investment scheme that was giving me around 10% return per month, happy days… turns out that this was a ponzi scheme and my money has gone for good. this happened the day AFTER i had jsur completed a deal on a new property based on a golf course where i am now living, also since then the property game is drying up big time and the money i had is nearly gone, i have to do something to get back into gear or i am f***ked for day to day living money. here is my point, i am a very positive person and i mean very positive nothing will ever beat me down..ever, and that has been tested in my life. i am desperate to get into Internet marketing, affiliate marketing and have spent hours reseacrching, courses CD’s, etc it is an absolute nightmare trying to see whi is the real dwal and who the scam merchants are, anyways last week, a friend just sent me a simple link to Frank Kerns interview with Tony Robbins (i am a big fan of Tonys and have attaeded many of his events around the world) and decided to dig a bit deeper on this guy, well, out of all the people i have researched he seems to be credible, so much so that I decided to purchase all his stuff including Mass Control 2.0 in effort to get some specific knowledge from somebody who has alraedy done what i hope to achieve, i am a very committed person who always follows through and have spent the last bit of my money with Frank in order to get some revenue streams going via the internet, the rest or last of my money has gone on some decnt video kit and software. i would like to ask question to you and hope you will be kind enough to answer. I have taken a punt with this guy and given him the last of my money in hope that the knowledge he says the product contains will deliver as long as i do my bit, i have also put enough aside to subscibe to his monthly forum for latest updates etc etc, the greater good of me, my beautiful wife Janet and two fantastic sons Damon 16 and Cameron 12 are dependant on me selecting the right people and product combined with my own creative input, my question to you is he and his product the real deal? if i do my utmost best and follow it to the letter will i make some success from it? i saw a video of you and also saw you answer a question in a forum which lead me to beleive you too are a credble guy and i would appeal to your best nature that if i am going to be sucked in and blown out that due to my current situation you could be candid with me, also i am keen to also now EXACTLY what i need to make this work, i notice keyword leite 2.0 as well on your site but unsure whether i need to invest (i am happy to buy from your link but dont want to be taken for a ride) i strongly beleive in seeking out succesful role models, i ahev done very well mysefl before but this is new to me and i want to make sure i am adding genuine people to my mastermind group. hope this is clear and sorry if i have rambled on but if you dont ask you dont get.

    Thanks in advance and i look forward to hearing from you

    Stewart Hale (rainy England)

    PS i have vacationed in California for the last 3 years with my family and it is our hope to move out there one day, we love the sun and the easy going nature of you guys.

  • Sean Louden says:

    Hey Jason,
    I just got your email about Jim Rohn, can’t believe it! I’m sitting in wholefoods as I write this trying to hold back the tears. I was just watching youtube videos of him this morning and was thinking what an inspiration he is to me and to millions of people world wide. Anyway, I’m kind of new this internet marketing stuff and wanted to say thank you for all the great posts and info you put out. I grew up surfing and competing on Maui and can really relate to you as a person and wanted to say keep up the great work! Maybe I’ll see you in the water sometime and if you ever head to Maui let me know and I’ll hook you up with the secret spots, just don’t tell anyone 😉
    Take Care,

  • Thomas says:

    Question about flickr. What was the # on the bead on the mala in the picture. Got the drift.

    Seems like another case of six degrees of separation. Shoot an email and you discover we have been have been friends for a long time.

    And yes great post – how can you step in the fire anyway?


  • Hello, Jason

    My name is Paul Carpenter. I feel as though I do a lot of what you do. I do on the some hand feel as though there is a block and I have not found it. I have accomplished many things but still have not found the success I am creating in my life.

    Please contact me when you can. I thank you for your time and consideration.

    Paul Carpenter

  • ART says:

    what do i do now?

  • ART says:

    i joined on the first, ive notice alot of emails, what is info. on or ID.TO GET INSTRUTION ON WHAT TO DO NEXT?

  • mark says:

    i recently crashed and rebooted my windows xp computer an now i cant play my dvds on my you have a youtube video showing how to fix the problems? also,what programs do i need to use media player ? ( such as decoders and encoders an ect…)

  • Arturo Abel says:

    We provide a complete range of internet marketing solutions to our clients. Our focus is to provide businesses across the world with world class web based solutions to enhance and compliment business needs. Let us know if you would like to increase sales.

  • yeoshua birman says:

    dear jason
    i saw your video about the lanouch proudcts maker and its amazed me at once but it was alraedy very late for me . i am from israel and this video came to me very late. so if you can to send me a link to buy the upgrade version of the lanouch proudcts maker i will be very grateful thank you for all jason and have a very good day

  • Steve Hall says:

    Hey Uncle Mofo. Love What you and Dax are doing Bought Listmachinepro I know you are not the tech guy. You are the copy guy the visionary. Dude we just launched this really cool Vacation product and need some expert advice. What can I do for you I know you don’t need the money. Brother help a guy out to get started. What we have is unique and will help a lot of peps survive this recession. Did you know The Travel Industry was 8.2 Trillion in 2010 and at any one time there are 46 million people in the air on a Plane. Between Aug 2009 and Aug 2010 there was 4.8 Billion people that took a Plane ride. Insane.

    Can you help me Bro I will be a great student and do what ever you ask and Love you forever.

  • Jason,

    I am writing on behalf of SmartSound Software, Inc. Our company sells the only royalty free music that is instantly customizable with a process that we’ve patented. Because you are active and respected in the video production community, we would like to know if you could help us get the word out about SmartSound. To start, I can give you a free copy of our software and 2 free albums ($300 value) to use permanently for any projects you see fit. I think you will be impressed with both the quality of our music, and the benefits of using our software.

    Would you be interested in working with us?

    Craig Griffiths
    Internet Marketing Manager
    SmartSound Software, Inc.

    Help Spread the Word
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  • Hi Jason! I was wondering where did you get your blog theme from?

    Steven :O)

  • Rondy McCall says:

    Hey Jason,
    I have been listening to you and Kern for years. My reason for contacting you is I feel you are sincere about helping people live their dreams and you truly like to see people succeed. I am a 57 yr. old man that had quaddruple coronary bypass surgery at 50 yrs old got out of hospital on my birthday in 2004. I felt like my time to live my dream was running short, I have made it 7 + years with no bad problems. My dream is to be a part of the mobile marketing frontier, but I need some sincere help and would be proud to get to speak with you on the phone and get some sincere advice about direction and action to make this happen. If you would please, e-mail me at the and give me a way to speak with you on the phone.

  • I simply could not go away your web site prior to suggesting that I really loved the usual info an individual provide on your guests? Is going to be back continuously to inspect new posts

  • Erich says:

    Re your YouTube contemplating a vasectomy.

    The link to my story here:

    I went through some of the same stuff you seem to be going through re kids, relationships, etc. Hopefully my story will help your process. Feel free to contact me!

  • Thomas says:

    Looking for a Game Changer business partner.


  • Stella Fair says:

    It’s a fact: more people find out about your business on Facebook or Twitter than on search engines. Making these sites work maybe tricky for you, but it’s business as usual for us. Let us improve your visibility and enhance your image. It’s part of our complete Internet Marketing package. We’ll be more than your friends — we’ll be your partners.

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